Nasosympatico Technique

Do you get chronic sinus infections? Had a cold recently and have lingering post-nasal drip or a runny or stuffy nose that just won’t quit? Chronic sinusitis?

Nasosympatico is for you.

Nasosympatico technique places cotton swabs soaked in a special essential oil blend into your nasopharynx (that big cavity in your head behind your nose), near the opening of your sinuses (but NOT inside) and between your inner nasal bones or “turbinates.” The swabs are placed by a trained doctor, and left in place for about 10 minutes while the patient relaxes. It is usually painless, and generally feels slightly uncomfortable along with a sense of pressure while the swabs are being placed, but unless there is a lot swelling of the nasal mucosa, discomfort in general is minor.

This technique is superb for knocking out lingering infections, the essential oils used are incredibly anti-microbial, and the essential oils also work to relax and revive the nasal mucosa, so swollen tissues can relax and allow your nose and sinuses to drain.

Tearing is normal during the technique (means those bad bugs are dying) and usually people have to blow their nose or sneeze after. Some people taste the essential oil in the back of their throat. All this is normal.

Please note: Our blend contains almond oil – so this is not for people with severe nut allergies.

The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes, and you’re out the door! When paired with our glutathione or cysteine breathing treatment, you are sure to get the congestion out of both your head and your lungs.

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