Bekah Patterson, NA

Clinic Director, “Queen Bee”


Bekah lives in Encinitas with her husband and two sons. She was in real estate for 16 years before she joined the Shine family. Her dream for the past 7 years was to get into the natural side of healing and nutrition.

The major reason for her passion was due to a serious illness her mother experienced which affected her eye and gave her chronic migraines. For 2 years her mother went to every specialist looking for the cure and nothing worked. She then finally found a doctor who used a naturopathic approach and told her to stop eating gluten and in about a month’s time her eye started to heal and her headaches became non-existent!

Seeing her mother heal right before her eyes by simply changing her diet inspired Bekah to return to school to achieve her Holistic Health Practitioner License. She wants to share with the world the power of food and natural healing.

Working at Shine has only solidified what she believes so passionately about! This isn’t just a job to her this is a way of life and helping people heal with naturopathic medicine is the best reward!