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Nicole P.

The name says it all.

Shine will make you shine from the inside out. This is seriously such a sanctuary or health and happiness in Solana Beach.

The staff are always so friendly and helpful. Their IVs and shot menu is incredible – It’s like liquid magic in your veins. They give out free shot cards sometimes, so you might be able to stop by the clinic and get a shot for free the first time.

I adore Dr. Lo (the owner and naturopathic Dr. on Staff) ! I’ve been a long time fan of her podcast so when I heard she was opening up a clinic I was SO EXCITED to check it out.

And the ambiance and level of service surpassed my expectations.


Kristen B.

Great place. Great people. I’ve seen Dr Chad the chiropractor and he’s nothing short of a genius.

So many options here to help you get or stay healthy.


Kyle M.

Shine Natural Medicine has got to be one of the most cutting edge natural clinics on the planet. Dr. Noel and her staff have put together something pretty phenomenal.

They have a massive amount of collective knowledge and experience on implementing plans to impact a wide range of topics surrounding all areas of health and well-being — from food, to sleep, to mood, energy levels, anti-aging, detoxing, leaky gut and autoimmunity, libido, physical performance, etc.

The plan they put together for me started making a noticeable difference within days.

I can’t believe what they practice isn’t more mainstream in the modern medical circles! But I can almost guarantee it will be in the next 5-10 years! Their methods are way too effective to be dismissed!


Shanna M.

I have been seeing Dr. Noel for the last 3 years. I transferred with her when she opened Shine Natural Medicine and am beyond impressed with this sanctuary she has created. Shine and Dr. Noel have exceeded all my expectations of a medical clinic for the following reasons:

~ Dr. Noel TRULY cares about her patients and takes the time to get to know you

~ The entire staff is warm, friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and they take care of you every step of the way.

~The space itself is bright, cheery and relaxing with a “boutique” feel rather than a traditional “medial office” feel.

~ Shine’s approach looks at the body as a “whole” really embracing the philosophy of the “holistic” approach

~ Shine’s testing is the most comprehensive testing out there and they really look for the root cause of symptoms

~ I trust that my care is in the best hands

~ I have had AMAZING results.

I have been treated for adult onset acne, parasites and hyperthyroidism – all of which I was able to cure using the “food as medicine” approach and natural supplementation. I am medication free and feel my absolute best after my experience with Shine. I still go in for weekly “Happy Hour” every Wednesday to get my discount B12 Boost!


Kirra W.

Everybody SHINES here! All the ladies here are so empowering and will change your life! Dr. Noel puts her heart into everything, and this is her passion. She has helped many, especially me with my GI issues. 🙂


Jacob E.

Shine Natural Medicine is a beautiful clinic and Dr. Lauren Noel was amazing! She is very well educated and relies on great resources to guide her practice. My experience with her was very enjoyable and beneficial. In addition to the clinical services, she has been able to help me with ongoing nutritional advice remotely.

I would recommend scheduling a consult.


Jordan B.

A bunch of gorgeous ladies sticking you in the bum? Not a hard sign up..:in all seriousness, this place is awesome. I’m TERRIFIED of needles. It makes me sick. It makes me feel incredible anxiety. I hate it. But these people make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible. But more importantly, it’s effective. I had been fighting something off for over a week. Not overtly sick. Doing all normal healthy things, but still not right. After these ladies were done with me, it was gone within 12 hours. I was/am shocked. Closest thing to a miracle I’ve seen.


Rebekah P.

The Shine team is amazing! When you walk in the door, you are overcome with a sense of well-being. The knowledgeable staff is always available to help you make the right decisions, which will keep you feeling healthy. After a few months of injectable supplementation, my CBC come back looking like a different person. If you are looking for a more natural approach to your health, get started with Shine!


Sonya S.

Shine is amazing! The atmosphere is so inviting and comforting while the Shine team are so knowledgeable and friendly. When I was there, I got the sense of need to learn more about my health and how to enhance it. The treatments are all so beneficial for your body! Shine is great!


Mepco P.

I used their services a half dozen times now and have had only positive experiences. The office is brand new, clean with a pleasant set up and runs on time. Office management consistently is attentive and accommodating to any changes I had to make. Dr. Zagone provided a safe, understanding, sympathetic, private environment to make me feel welcomed and comfortable.


Steve K.

Aside from being a gifted and knowledgeable physician, Dr Noel has created a truly unique experience at Shine. Instead of taking the traditional Western medicine approach of diagnose then prescribe a pill, Dr Noel seeks to treat the underlying cause of disease by looking at your dietary habits, nutrient deficiencies, and hormones.

She will then put together a customized treatment plan for you and provide the personal follow up to see you through it. The front office staff, Sonja and Bekah, are friendly and greet me with a smile every time I walk in. I’ve been to other ND’s in the past but nobody has provided both the results and personal touch like Dr Noel and staff at Shine.


Evelyne L.

Dr. Lauren Noel and Dr. Chad Larson are both very friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever someone asks me for a doctor in San Diego who will help them when no one else has been able to, I recommend Shine.

Dr. Noel specializes in digestive and hormonal issues and Dr. Larson specializes in pain management. They are both exceptional physicians regardless of the type of issue you’re dealing with.

The clinic itself is beautiful. Definitely not your typical doctor’s office. It’s bright and lively. The staff is awesome! I love going in because I’m always greeted with a smile.


Pablo A. F.

Dr. Lauren Noel has been one of my doctors for a couple years now and has really helped me through some times of healing. Shine Natural Medicine and its entire staff are excellent. They really care about their patients, deliver exceptional services, and are always at the forefront of the natural medicine movement. I highly recommend them for all of your optimal health needs.


Lauren B.

Got my first IV treatment at Longevity conference with Dr.Z! It was amazing and I feel so rejuvenated! Definitely give them a try!


Liz D.

Love everything about Shine from the location and the design of the practice to the staff and of course Dr Lauren Noel. I feel safe, taken care of, listened to and most importantly – my complete health is their absolute priority.


Dan F.

Im a fitness coach and Dr Lauren has been helping me for the past 3 years with all of my blood work, follow up, follow through, IV therapy and Vitamin shots. I highly recommend the post workout IV’s, the process is quick, low pain and I feel refreshed and rehydrated afterward. The office is very clean and the staff are knowledgeable and fun. 5 thumbs up!


Jolie P.


Ah I just can’t get enough, SHINE completely redefines what medicine means to me. Dr. Lauren knows her shit, she’s so smart, sweet, and incredibly compassionate.

I often pop-in for b-12 shots, the girls behind the counter are SO sweet and lovely. This place exudes positive energy.

You absolutely have to try it. You will be hooked in the best way possible and your body will love you!


Mimi P.

Dr. Noel and Shine as a whole are absolutely unique and incredible. If you’re looking to get to the root cause of your health concerns and reach an optimal level of natural health, this is your place!


Jenna P.

Heaven on earth! It’s a one-stop shop for complete wellness. The ambience is warm, stylish, and welcoming. The staff is helpful, lovely, and friendly. Dr. Noel is absolutely brilliant and a beautiful goddess who is on a mission to heal the world. She has given me the most amazing care to make sure my blood sugar levels are on point! As a type 1 diabetic, it feels so awesome to know there are alternatives available for me. Because of her insistence upon putting my wellness at the top of my list of priorities, my hormones are balanced, and my overall energy has significantly improved. I couldn’t recommend this place any more than I already do! I even encourage people from LA to visit this incredible clinic. Naturopathic medicine is the only way to go. It gets right to the root of the issue. It doesn’t put a Band Aid on the symptom. I’m in love with the IV therapy treatments (more like cocktails!). So many combinations and options to support endless amounts of needs. They even have a great selection of paleo snacks. I want this place to take over the world!!


Mishel F.

I can’t believe I haven’t yet reviewed Shine!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lauren Noel for about 2 years for a thyroid condition and anemia. She has a deep and thorough knowledge and background in the thyroid and works hard to look at the root cause of what’s causing the imbalance. Through her painstaking work and analysis, I have improved immensely via diet changes, natural dessicated thyroid and targeted supplements as well as iron I/V’s to address the anemia. I will never use western medicine as front line care again – Dr. Noel looks at the condition holistically and doesn’t just treat symptoms.

She truly cares about her patients and it shows. They don’t accept insurance, but I bill United Healthcare and get reimbursed for out-of-network physician, they reimburse about half of the I/V’s and 80% of the office visits.


Kevin D.

I’ve visited the Shine Natural Medicine Clinic 3 times and have had a fantastic experience each time. They are warm, welcoming and really love their business of helping people get or stay healthy. I go for the Vitamin IV which always makes me feel amazing. Anyone looking to boost their health and create a lifestyle of wellness should book an appointment. Dr. Noel and their entire staff are amazing!


Camille S.

I just want to say that this business is just an exceptional establishment and ran by a wonderful and diligent staff. Just finished up with my treatment with Lauren- SEE HER. Thank you so much and looking very much forward to my next appointment.


Amy B.

I had terrible tendonitis in my elbow that would not go away with rest, ice, and stretching. Dr. Chad Larson suggested I try Prolotherapy. I had never had Prolo before, but was willing to give it a try because I was so frustrated with the pain. After just 2 treatments my tendonitis was GONE!!! Dr. Chad did a wonderful job with the injections. I felt virtually no pain and within two days I already started to feel the relief! It was amazing. I’m a believer in Prolotherapy and would highly recommend Dr. Chad and Shine to anyone who could benefit from it. Thank you!


Erin M.

If you are looking for the natural cure and a very friendly staff, this is the place to go.


Lori G.

This is a place you can go and be heard. I saw Dr. Chad Larson a very caring doctor, he took the time to hear and understand my problem. This is a place to go to prevent sickness instead of cover up with drugs. I would recommend this office to any one.

Very fresh and relaxing atmosphere along with professional. Top of the line supplements with knowledgeable doctors to prescribe the right ones for you.


Alicia S.

Dr. Noel and I have collaborated for the past few months, and I have to say she is so wonderful to work with! Very open minded, clearly cares for her patients, and willing to listen to input. I feel very comfortable working alongside her and think that her knowledge and expertise shines through with her patient care.