Inquiring Patient FAQs



New to Shine Natural Medicine? Here are some common FAQ’s.


How do I establish myself as a patient? 

Anyone in the United States can establish themselves as a patient with Dr. Noel and Shine Natural Medicine. We happily accommodate both in-person and telemedicine visits. Please reach out to hear more at (858) 480-5024 or email our support staff through our website.

How much are IVs? / Vitamin shots. Are they available to non-established patients? 

Our IV and shot therapy can be utilized by non-established and established patients. For our IVs the cost ranges from $169- $199. Vitamin shots start at $30 and increase based on the individual’s specific formula.

*Prices are subject to change.

Does your clinic accept insurance? 

No, we do not work with any insurance providers. A Superbill is provided upon request. Please allow up to two weeks+ after visit, or purchase to receive a Superbill.

Is out-of-area, or out of state telemedicine available? 

Yes! We welcome all out of area and state patients. Both phone and Zoom options are available.

How much total cost should I expect when establishing myself as a patient? 

It depends on your goals! Investing in your health is very important. We understand wanting an idea of cost prior to your experience with Shine Natural Medicine. However, due to the nature of each individual’s needs, the cost will vary.

For results of comprehensive testing, please anticipate at least a (1) first initial consultation, (2) lab work (cost varies per individual) and (3) a follow up appointment after testing to receive your results. The Doctor may also include a suggested protocol of supplementation, IV therapy and Vitamin shots. The labs are billed separately from Shine Natural Medicine. See our Lap Pricing handout for a rough estimate of the costs.

What is the cost of appointments with Doctors at Shine Natural Medicine? 

The first visit is a comprehensive consultation which will include going over your intake questionnaire form, your goals, symptoms, health history, etc.

Typically this appointment is $375. However, we offer a chance to save $50 if you pre-pay at the time of booking bringing the total to $325 to establish yourself. A comprehensive follow-up appointment, or general check-in is $275. If you have any specific medical questions that our support staff is not able to address, a brief consultation appointment is available for $135. 

What to expect before my appointment?

A welcome email will be sent upon booking your appointment. A questionnaire intake form is attached that needs to be filled out, signed and submitted at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. This questionnaire is able to be paused as you go, if interruptions or desired breaks occur. This allows our Doctors to assess your health status in further detail.

Can I use previous lab results from other doctors for treatment through Shine Natural Medicine? 

Our Doctors look for root causes based on results from exclusive and specific testing that a few specific labs we partnered with provide. These unique tests offer precise and intricate markers that an average lab does not include. You are welcome to share previous results in or before your appointment. However, please note that our doctors will not be able to treat based solely on any outside labs and will likely require other panels to be ordered.

When will I receive my lab results after testing? 

The day of your appointment we will share the results with you through your patient portal. The average lab test takes from 2 – 3.5 weeks to receive results. We will schedule your follow up appointments according to this timeline.

How many appointments does it take from consultation to receive results? 

Depending on how many labs you’re getting done. Expect at least 1-3, (3 being less common) comprehensive consultations for follow up results.

How do I get my blood drawn if I am an out-of-state, or area patient? 

After you approve which suggested tests to move forward with, we will email you a link to input your zip code and find blood draw centers close to you. You will then need to call and set up an appointment. During that time, we will create a lab requisition for your specific testing. This will notify the lab to mail a kit to your home. Please bring this kit along with you to the blood draw appointment for the phlebotomist to accurately test you.

What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy? 

We understand that life gets crazy! However, we also need to make sure that we have room for those who need our help! If you’re planning on cancelling or rescheduling your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours hours in advance. Otherwise, we charge the price of an appointment in full, which we do not enjoy doing.

How far out is Shine Natural Medicine usually booked out? 

It depends! Please reach out to us at (858) 480 -5024 and we will do our best to accommodate you as soon as possible. (Please note: emailed appointment time inquiries are not preferred due to time slots being subject to change during communication.)