Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

Micronutrient Injection Therapy was designed to deliver high dose vitamins that are difficult to absorb through food or supplementation. The injection is given intramuscularly, completely bypassing the digestive tract, which increases the absorption rate and bio availability.

Our shot cocktails were formulated by Shine Doctors to address common symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, stress and more. You can choose from our list of pre-formulated shots or our staff can educate you on the benefits and help you select the perfect boost for you.

We have designed shot cocktails to help with:

  • Energy
  • Detox
  • Headaches
  • PMS
  • Sore/achy muscles
  • Metabolism
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Adrenals and more….!

Choose from our pre-formulated shots or let our Shine Doctors customize one for you based on your symptoms.

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