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Peaceful Parenting with Wendy Snyder

In this episode, Wendy thought she was prepared for motherhood, then explains how having her own strong-willed daughter opened her eyes to so many other things. Through her journey, she found “Positive Parenting” and learned that a lot of her kids’ behaviors were directly related to her, and weren’t solely a reflection of them as individuals.

Have a Champion Mindset in Your Recovery From MS with Dr. Terry Wahls

In this episode, Dr. Terry Wahls talks about her experience with Multiple Sclerosis, and her healing journey involving traditional as well as non-traditional medicine. She has a deep focus on diet and exercise and has been a part of, and conducted multiple studies on the effect of diet on MS and brain function.

Don’t Let Your Diagnosis be Your Identity with Kristy Crandell

In this episode, Kristy talks about how her own journey led to her treating and healing numerous patients and gives a ton of tips for those listening!

Binging Sober with Colleen Ryan-Hensley

In this episode, Colleen shares her story of trauma and some of the methods and systems she’s used to “peel her layers” in order to get to the root of her pain. She describes how she had habits of deflecting from even using certain language to define her trauma, and how she was able to finally come to terms with accepting what it was by using her “Binging Sober” method.

Wealthy Wellthy Life with Krisstina Wise

In this episode, we shift gears from physical health by talking about financial health with Krisstina Wise! Krisstina talks about maintaining a healthy balance between becoming successful, maintaining success and still taking care of your physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional health.

Retraining the Brain’s Trauma Response with Annie Hopper

In this episode, Annie Hopper describes how she was able to rehabilitate her brain, which ultimately led to her full recovery, after years of dealing with “unexplained” illnesses. Her desire to help others who were suffering, ultimately resulted in her creation of the DNRS Program.

CIRS – The Mystery Illness with Dr. Eric Dorninger

Today I am chatting with Dr. Eric Dorninger of Roots and Branches about CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome). With symptoms such as fatigue, disorientation, eyesight disorders, bowel irregularity and much more, this condition often goes misdiagnosed.

Create Hormonal Harmony with Dr. Trevor Cates

Join Dr. Lo as she interviews Dr. Trevor Cates about the ins and outs of hormone balance and how you can take control of your hormonal health once and for all!

Strengthening Your Gut Health With Sauerkraut with Holly Howe

Today I am chatting with Holly Howe and we are talking all about why fermented foods are a great addition to better your gut health. Holly Howe is a Fermentation Educator, cookbook author, photographer and blogger with a goal to have sauerkraut fermenting in 100,000 homes. In 2014, Holly launched “MakeSaurkraut!” her fermentation website with everything you need to know to successfully ferment sauerkraut that you and your loved ones will enjoy eating. Holly also teaches how to ferment other vegetables and fruits and how fermented foods can effortlessly—and flavorfully—improve your gut health. Holly believes that food is to be enjoyed and to also serve you.

Using Naturopathic Medicine to Beat Hormone Imbalance with Cynthia Damaskos

On this episode, I am actually the one being interviewed by Cynthia Damaskos from the Holistic Christian Life podcast. She is an internationally known health coach with global clients, she helps those who simply want to change their weight and lifestyle, to those with chronic illness. Her background in public speaking, and her passion for living a healthy and Christ-centered life, have propelled her to help others realize their potential. Along with her private coaching practice, she is the author of The Holistic Christian Woman, leads women’s wellness workshops, speaks at conferences, and holds retreats.

What Your Genes Can Tell You with Yael Joffe

Today I am chatting with Yael Joffe and we are talking all about genetic testing. Yael Joffe is an expert in the field of nutrigenomics. Yael started as a dietitian and then went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Nutrigenomics from the University of Cape Town, exploring the genetics of obesity. She has co-authored three books and has published in peer-reviewed journals. She is currently an Adjunct Professor, teaching nutrigenomics at Rutgers University in the US, but to help close the nutrigenomic knowledge gap, she also founded an education company teaching nutrigenomics to clinicians around the world. She has also built a number of nutrigenetic tests, offering a way to ensure that we utilize the value inherent in nutrigenetics in the most powerful and ethical way.

Pre & Stem Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine with Dr. Joy Kong

Today I am chatting with Dr. Joy Kong and we are talking all about stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Dr. Joy Kong is a triple board-certified by American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, and American Board Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine. After graduating as a valedictorian from San Francisco State University, Dr. Kong completed her medical training at UCLA School of Medicine. As the result of her intense interest in the human brain, she specialized in psychiatry, and worked at a Veterans Affairs hospital and LA county hospital. While working in the hospital ER and in county clinics, she realized the futility of trying to treat someone without examining the person in a holistic manner, which led to her interest in integrative medicine.

Pre & Establishing Pediatric Foundations For Health with Dr. Cayley

Today I am chatting with Dr. Cayley Chirumbolo and we are talking all about how to establish pediatric foundations for health.
Dr. Cayley Chirumbolo is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special passion for Women’s Health and Pediatrics. Dr. Cayley graduated from Bastyr University in San Diego with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Cayley also has a Masters in Public Health from The George Washington University. Prior to her journey of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Cayley worked as a Personal Trainer with a specialty in Functional Fitness for 12 years. She helped hundreds of clients achieve their health and fitness goals through Functional Fitness.

Pre & Post Natal Fitness with Brooke Cates

Today I am chatting with Brooke Cates and we are talking all about the unique roadmap of pre and post natal fitness for women going through the journey of motherhood.
Brooke Cates is the Founder & CEO of The Bloom Method, a pre and postnatal fitness method, redefining exercise for the modern mom. Brooke is a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre & Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Diastasis Recti & Core Rehabilitation Specialist and Pre & Postnatal Holistic Health.

Unpacking The Impact Of Oxytocin & Menopause with Anna Cabeca

Today I am chatting with Dr. Anna Cabeca and we are talking all about healing your hormones, the impact of oxytocin & menopause. Known as “The Girlfriend Doctor,” Dr. Anna Cabeca is the first call for the woman who has questions she would only ask her best girlfriend – if her girlfriend were a Triple-Board Certified OB-GYN. Dr. Anna has worked with thousands of women one-on-one to help them understand and improve their health and manage their hormones. She is committed to supporting women so that they can thrive physically, emotionally, sexually and even spiritually as they go through the natural and inevitable life shift of menopause.

Effective Tools for Managing PCOS with Cory Ruth

Today I am chatting with Cory Ruth and we are talking all about PCOS. Cory Ruth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and women’s health expert. Cory is the founder and principal of The Women’s Dietitian, a private practice and digital platform for women seeking nutrition support for hormone balance, PCOS, fertility, and weight management. She specializes in PCOS and nutrition therapy for infertility and assisted reproductive technology. Cory is also the creator of the successful online programs Get Pregnant with PCOS and The PCOS Boss Academy. []

Protect Yourself from GMOs with Jeffrey Smith

Today I am chatting with Jeffrey Smith. He is a leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers. He has authored 2 global bestsellers, directed 5 films, delivered 1000 lectures and 1000 interviews in 45 countries, trained 1500 speakers, and organized over 10,000 grassroots advocates. He is now sounding the alarm about the serious, even irreversible hazards from new genetic engineering techniques, which can lead to health and environmental catastrophes. []

Toddler Sleep Hacks with Janey Reilly 

Today I am chatting with Janey Reilly about family sleep support. Janey Reilly is the CEO and Founder of WeeSleep. A successful female entrepreneur and single mother, Janey is an expert infant & toddler sleep consultant who works with families around the globe and coaches a team of over 50 certified sleep consultants to do the same. With 12 different programs for sleep-deprived families, her approach covers children from 3 months all the way up to school age (10 years old)[]

Dealing with Fat Loss as We Age with Natalie Jill 

Today I am chatting with Natalie Jill about fat loss, nutrition, and aging. She is a fat loss expert turned high-performance coach. She has helped women turn their visions into reality. She is gifted at helping women uncover what is holding them back from results and guiding them to uncover and master their true passion and calling for a life that thrives.  In the process, she has created a globally recognized brand with well over two and a half million social media followers worldwide, two best-selling books, recognition from Forbes and Greatist, and several years as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. []

EMF Prevention, Optimized Water, and Finding Joy in Chaos with Lynda Cormier 

Today I am chatting with Lynda Cormier about finding joy in all the chaos. Lynda is one of the most sought-after personal development speakers, coaches, and business executives today. She is both the published author and facilitator of the award-winning Breakthrough Living Personal Development/Coaching Program, the creator of the Roots and Wings Initiative that teaches leadership, personal growth, and ‘team’ to teenagers and young adults, as well as the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GIA, an international wellness company. []

Creating a Healthy and Strong Family Structure with Katie Wells

Today I am chatting with Katie Wells about creating a healthy lifestyle at home.  Katie is the CEO and founder of WellnessMama.com and Wellnesse.com. We talk about so many great things in this episode. We talk about parenting, recipes, and creating a healthy lifestyle at home especially with kids. Katie shares about her family and food culture and how you can create a positive family culture in your home. We also talk about balancing technology, building in movement and community, and self-care for busy moms.[]

Hustle Sanely with Jess Massey 

Today I am chatting with Jess Massey about healthy productivity and hustling sanely.  Jess is a planner designer, podcast host, and founder of the community-centered productivity brand, Hustle Sanely. Stress is a big part of life that affects us significantly and especially lately. Jess is going to help give some normalcy to your day to reduce stress and help create structure in your life. Jess also shares her 5 Keys to Hustling Sanely. []

Ditch the Yo-yo Diet and Create a Healthy Lifestyle with Nagina Abdullah  

Today I am chatting with Nagina Abdullah all about metabolism and how to have a healthy lifestyle. She specifically talks about creating a healthy lifestyle using real food.  In this episode, Nagina shares the challenges women have in eating healthy consistently and how sugar affects our metabolism. She also talks about how women can create a lifestyle shift and stop yo-yo dieting. []

The Seven Tenants of Aging with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann 

Today I am chatting with Sandra Kaufmann all about anti-aging.  We specifically talk about the seven tenets of aging. Sandra is the founder of The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute, which is an educational company that focuses on why we age and how we can minimize the effects of aging to live longer and healthier. In this episode, Sandra shares so much good information including how to understand cellular aging, why different people age differently, and why longevity protocols need to be personalized.  She also shares the best way to get started on a protocol and why a longevity protocol is important in addition to diet and exercise.  []

Bio-Identical Hormones and Compounding with Tarek Elansary

Today I am chatting with Tarek Elansary all about hormones and compounding.  We specifically talk about bio-identical hormones and other innovative therapeutic options with compounding.  Tarek owns a compounding high quality pharmacy that I highly recommend and use for my own business.  In this episode, Tarek shares so much good information including the biggest misconception about BHRT and the dangers of using estrogen orally.  He also shares the difference between 7-Keto DHEA and regular DHEA.  He wraps up the episode by sharing options for treating mast cell activation and eosinophilic esophagitis.  []

How to Have Mood Resilience with Shae Leonard

Today I am chatting with Shae Leonard all about mood resilience.  Shae is a certified physician’s assistant practicing in functional mental health coaching.  She is also a hormone and gut expert.  She has a very interesting story that brought her to what she is doing.  In this episode, you will get some very tangible takeaways that will help make your life better.  We talk about ways to have a resilient mood and be less stressed. []

Why Hormone Optimization is Critical for Women (After the Age of 40) with Dr. Mariza Snyder

Today I am chatting with Dr. Mariza Snyder all about women’s hormone health.  We talk about how toxins can affect hormonal imbalances.  We also talk about the most important hormones for energy and metabolism and the importance of a good morning routine. []

5 Habits Zapping Your Energy 

Feeling drained lately? You’re not alone. I’m sharing 5 habits zapping your energy + how you can fix them today. If you are listening to this episode and you or someone you know are navigating through any of the health issues I discuss, I would be more than happy to support you in the journey! Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation: @doctor_lo []

Overcoming Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Today I am chatting with Magdalena Wszelaki all about overcoming estrogen dominance.  We have a wonderful repeat guest on the show.  She is the founder of Hormone Balance community and the Magdalena line of all natural supplements and skincare products.  She knows first hand what it means to overcome estrogen dominance.  []

Living Pain Free with Dr. Kristian Flores

Today I am chatting with Dr. Kristian Flores about understanding pain using an integrative approach.  Chronic and acute pain can be really debilitating and oftentimes we feel like we have no options except to take drugs.  This episode will provide hope and encouragement because you will get so many tools that will start to make a difference with your symptoms.  []

A Fresh Look at Autism with Dr. Ari Calhoun 

Today I am chatting with Ari Calhoun all about natural solutions to autism.  We talk about autism prevalence and how rates of autism have risen over time.  We also talk about the things that have been theorized to contribute to that rise. Dr. Calhoun shares so much knowledge about what causes autism including the first signs and symptoms of autism and what steps you should take if you are concerned.  []

Home Mold Testing Done the Right Way with Mark Levy

Today I am chatting with Mark Levy also known as the Mold Guy.  We talk all about getting your place properly tested for mold! We talk about the importance of testing for bacteria, and not just mold, and how critical it is to test HVAC systems.  Then we wrap up our conversation talking about how attics and crawl spaces impact the living space and indoor air quality. []

Weight Loss – the Healthy Way with Dr. Douglas Pucci

Today I am chatting with Dr. Douglas Pucci about healthy weight loss! Many things can be preventing you from losing weight including blood sugar stability, thyroid hormones, stress physiology, nutrition, dietary strategies, and more.  []

A New Approach to Treating Acne with Dr. Julie Greenberg

Today I am chatting with Dr. Julie Greenberg, about the root cause of acne and acne treatments! This is an important topic for me because acne actually led me to naturopathic medicine because I struggled with it so much in high school.  Acne is not treated properly in western medicine. Acne comes from the gut so if you are skipping that piece and just treating the skin, you are missing the whole root of the problem.  []

Taking Care of Yourself After Birth with Dr. Angela Potter

Today I am chatting with Dr. Angela Potter, all about helping mothers naturally feel balanced, empowered, and healthy! We share our own experiences with having our babies. We also discuss ways to transition after having a baby. We talk about the biggest struggles moms experience after birth and the biggest myths of healing after birth. We wrap up our conversation talking about the biggest mistakes moms make with their health after birth and what you can do to feel empowered and strong after birth.  []

Dr. Lo Gets Interviewed: Fertility Secrets 

On this special episode, I am being interviewed by Margaret Romero from The Sacred Medicine Podcast.  In this episode, we are talking all about fertility.  We talk about the different ways of helping your body get to its optimal stage and ready for pregnancy.

We talk about the biggest depleters of fertility and how to improve egg and sperm quality. We want to give you this empowering knowledge about fertility so you really know how to get through it. []

Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer with Dr. Mitchell Kershner

Today I am chatting with Dr. Mitchell Kershner, all about working from home in a healthy way! We discuss blue light exposure and the effects it can have on our eyes, skin, and sleep patterns.  We also talk about Ergonomics and the proper use of the screen, keyboard, and monitor placement. Dr. Kershner shares about his upcoming book, Working from Home – Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer that is launching very soon.  It is full of practical types for creating a healthy working environment at home.   In these current times with more people working from home than ever, his book is a must-read. []

The Thyroid Reset Diet with Dr. Alan Christianson

Today I am chatting with repeat guest, Dr. Alan Christianson, all about the thyroid! We talk a lot about lab testing but we also discuss all of the misconceptions about iodine – especially iodine in our food. Dr. Christianson shares various nutrients that help with thyroid function and how you can change your diet in order to heal your thyroid.

If you experience symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, irregular periods, hair loss, constipation, you may be dealing with a thyroid problem.  If your doctor has ever told you that you’ll never get off thyroid medication, this is a must listen for you!  Your thyroid can heal! []

The Fibromyalgia Fix with Dr. David Brady

On today’s episode, I am joined by Dr. David Brady, author of FibroFix and 30-year integrative practitioner. Dr. Brady is one of the foremost authorities on properly diagnosing and treating fibromyalgia.

We chat all about fibromyalgia from the research to the diagnosis to various treatment approaches. This is a poorly understood condition but Dr. Brady offers so much information that can be applied by anyone listening who may be affected – doctors or patients! []

Optimize Your Immunity with Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Back again for another fantastic episode – Dr. Tom O’Bryan! Dr. O’Bryan is the “Sherlock Holmes” of chronic diseases and metabolic disorders.

He holds teaching faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the National University of Health Sciences. He’s trained and certified tens of thousands of practitioners around the world, with advanced understanding of the impact of wheat sensitivity and the development of individual autoimmune diseases. []

How Super Foods Can Change Your Life with Danette May

On today’s episode, I am sitting down with superfood powerhouse, Danette May. Danette is an author, motivational speaker, wife, mother, and so much more! She is passionate about health, wellness, and inspiring people to live abundantly. 

As the founder of Earth Echo, Danette chats with us all about cacao, turmeric, ginger, and other superfoods today! She also sheds some light on the importance of organic coffee and essential oils. []

Overcoming Lupus with Margaret Romero

Today, I am sitting down with a new guest, Margaret Romero. Margaret is a nurse practitioner who practices functional medicine to treat chronic illness. She shares her personal story of being diagnosed with lupus and how she changed her life with the power of nutrition and natural medicine! It has been over 10 years since she has experienced a lupus flare and she helps her patients find the same relief. []

Is Beef Bad for You and the Environment? with Autumn Smith

I am really happy to be sharing this episode with you today – I have been looking forward to it for quite some time! I am sitting down with Autumn Smith from PaleoValley and Wild Pastures. Autumn, her husband, and her brother in law created PaleoValley in 2013. I personally love the products that PaleoValley offers and I carry them in my own practice.[]

Breaking the Cycle of Co-dependency with Victoria Albina

I absolutely loved getting to nerd out with Victoria Albina today! We chat about the physical effects of living in a state of chronic fight-or-flight, codependency, and so much more. Victoria is a family nurse practitioner passionate about helping women realize that they are their own best healer. []

Releasing Shame & Experiencing Freedom with Christy Whitman

On today’s episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Christy Whitman about releasing shame and experiencing freedom. Christy is a best-selling author, transformational leader, and celebrity coach. She has helped thousands of people manifest the life of their dreams through the law of attraction and connecting with their divine selves. []

Cleaning Up the Beauty Industry with Dr. Kate Egan

I am really happy to bring Dr. Kate Egan to the show! Dr. Egan is a naturopathic physician who focuses on environmental medicine. She shares some really helpful tips for professionals in the beauty industry who are being exposed to toxic chemicals daily! There is a 20% greater risk of breast cancer in people who color their hair, and because of the daily exposure that hairstylists experience, they are the most vulnerable. Be sure to share this episode with your hairdresser and any friends and family who work in the beauty industry as well! []

Regenerative Medicine: Where Are We & Where Are We Going with Dr. Brenden Cochran

I am really thrilled to have expert Dr. Brenden Cochran with us today to discuss a topic that has never been discussed on the show before: regenerative medicine. I recently heard him speak at a naturopathic convention and just knew I had to have him on the show for you! We cover a lot of interesting topics and you will not want to miss this!  []

Better Baby Food with Joe & Serenity Carr of Serenity Kids

I am really excited about this episode! I got to sit down with the founders of Serenity Kids – an organic and environmentally friendly baby food. We absolutely love Serenity Kids in our home! So today, we are spreading a lot of light on baby and toddler nutrition! You will be so surprised to find out what may be in your baby’s food. You do not want to miss this one! []

The Organ of Longevity with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and I sit down to discuss the importance of muscle quality – especially in women! She shares some great insight with us about muscle centric medicine from her experience as a functional medicine physician. Dr. Lyon believes that muscle is the organ of longevity and vitality. 

Stick around friend, you won’t want to miss this! []

Break Binge Eating for Good with Jessi Jean Cowan

Do you feel like you are out of control when it comes to food? Are you an emotional eater? Our new guest, Jessi Jean, joins the show today to chat about disordered eating and body image. Jessi is a certified Eating Psychology Coach who helps women stop feeling crazy about food. This episode is loaded with helpful insight and tangible tips on how you can take control of your relationship with food and body. Stick around friend – your brain and body will thank you later! ![]

COVID-19 & Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Paul Anderson

I really loved having Dr. Anderson return to the podcast!  For anyone who knows anything about naturopathic medicine, you’d know he’s a MAJOR hero for our medicine.  I am so happy that he was able to come back on the show again with us today! In today’s episode, we are talking all things COVID-19 and naturopathic medicine!

There’s so much insight shared in this episode – you are not going to want to miss it![]

Coronavirus Support with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Does the stress of quarantine and Coronavirus have you feeling frustrated? Then this is an episode you will not want to miss! 

I got to sit down with Dr. Eric Zielinski and we chatted all about positivity and mindset during this unprecedented time in history. I am really pumped to share this one with you! []

Fix Metabolic Syndrome Naturally with Dr. Chad Larson

Are you struggling with high blood pressure? High blood sugar and glucose levels? You should definitely tune in for this episode!

I am really excited to welcome – for the third time – my colleague, Dr. Chad Larson to the show. We are chatting about something that everyone could benefit from knowing more about – metabolic syndrome!   []

Lose Belly Fat & Keep It Off with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Are you struggling with stubborn belly fat? This is an episode that you will NOT want to miss!  We are welcoming back my great friend Dr. Anna Cabeca for today’s episode ALL about banishing that stubborn belly fat and how to keep it off for good! []

Could You Have a Gut Problem with Reed Davis

Do you have bloating? Gas? Constipation or diarrhea? Then you need to tune in to this episode.

I am so excited to share today’s episode with you with my good friend, Reed Davis. We chat all about gut health and how important it truly is! So many Americans are affected by poor gut health and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Tune in and learn more about how you can      improve your gut health once and for all.  []

Fix Your Period with Nicole Jardim

As women, we know that periods come in many different shapes and sizes – there’s really no one size fits all solution for period problems.

That’s why I’m so excited to chat with today’s guest, Nicole Jardim about her new book, Fix Your Period: Six Weeks to Banish Bloating, Conquer Cramps, Manage Moodiness, and Ignite Lasting Hormone Balance that comes out on April 28th. []

Mono + the Toxic Trio with Dr. Kasey Holland

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Kasey Holland all about mono and the toxic trio.Tune into this eye-opening episode and find out more about what the toxic trio actually is and how mono isn’t always a one and done type of deal. []

Younger Skin Starts in the Gut with Dr. Nigma Talib

In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Nigma Talib about the connection between your skin and your gut. Ever wondered why your skin just won’t stop breaking out or you’ve tried everything but you just can’t get rid of puffiness on your face? Then you       won’t want to miss this episode![]

                                                                       Brain Health + Concussion Rescue with Dr. Kabran Chapek

In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Kabran Chapek all about concussions and his new book, Concussion Rescue. This is a topic we’ve never discussed on the show so I’m SO EXCITED to finally be sharing more about this topic with you today. []

Beyond the Bipolar Label with Dr. Christina Bjorndal

In today’s conversation, I share one of the most vulnerable episodes to date on the podcast. We dive deep into real and raw topics like bipolar disorder and I share my journey with own mental health. If you’re struggling with your own mental health, then YOU MUST check out Dr. Bjorndal’s book Beyond the Label. []

Break the Mold with Dr. Jill Crista

In today’s episode, I had SO MUCH FUN talking with Dr. Jill Crista all about the topic of mold. She wrote an incredible book, that I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING, Break The Mold. (And this is hitting very close to home for me as I just found out that I’m dealing with this as well!). Join me on this journey learning all about this very overlooked topic. []

The Most Important Factor of Your Health with Dr. Michelle Peris

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Dr. Michelle Peris all about why having a community is essential your wellbeing. []

Reversing Cognitive Decline with Seth Conger

In today’s episode, I chat with Seth Conger about reversing cognitive decline. []

How to Boost Fertility in Your 30s and Beyond

In today’s episode, I get interviewed by Dr. Mariza Snyder of the Essentially You Podcast about how to boost your fertility in your 30s and beyond. []

Toxins and Your Weight with Brigit Danner LAc FDNP

In today’s episode, I chat with Brigit Danner all about toxins and your weight. []

The Community Cure with James Maskell

In today’s episode, I chat with James Maskell about his new book, the Community Cure. []

Holistic Counseling with Dr. Moshe Daniel Block

In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Moshe Daniel Block all about holistic counseling. []

Reviving Your Sexual Health with Susan Bratton

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Susan Bratton all about reviving your sexual health. Press play and learn how to restore your sexual health. []

Legit Hormone Testing with Dr. Carrie Jones

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Carrie Jones again but this time it’s all about legit hormone testing. Tune in and learn more! []

Pain is a Gift with Mike Lee

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Mike Lee about why pain is a gift and how he went from taking painkillers to utilizing CBD to keep the pain at bay. []

Cocaine in Your Cookies with Dr. Nicole Peoples

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Nicole Peoples all about sugar addiction. []


Beyond Kegels with Dr. Dawn Andalon

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Dawn Andalon all about natural pelvic rehab. This is a great one for all of you moms out there to learn to build up your pelvic strength after birth. []

Med School for Moms with Dr. Elana Roumell

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Elana Roumell all about how to become your child’s number one health advocate and become the ultimate Doctor mom! []

Gut Health Myth Busting with Dr. Grace Liu

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Grace Liu all about gut health. Tune in and learn how to improve your gut. []

Magnetize Your Soulmate with Rebecca Boatman

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Rebecca Boatman all about magnetizing your soulmate. []

Ten Months Pregnant: Zion’s Birth Story 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my son Zion’s long-awaited birth story after 10 months of pregnancy. Tune in and learn all about Zion’s journey to becoming Earthside. []

Addressing Toxic Mold and Hidden Infections with Dr. Jess Peatross 

In this episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Jess Peatross about toxic mold and hidden infections.


Doing Keto the Easier Way with Dr. Chad Larson and Elizabeth Mersereau 

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Dr. Chad Larson and Elizabeth Mersereau all about doing keto the easier way.



Is Your Environment Making You Sick? with Joe Pizzorno 

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Pizzorno all about the environment and how it affects our immune system.


Knowing the True You with Kathryn Dixon

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kathryn Dixon about knowing the true you.


The Magic of Breathwork with Samantha Skelly

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Samantha Skelly about the magic of breathwork.


Integrative Psychiatry and Way Beyond with Dr. Siobhan Dawson

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Siobhan Dawson all about integrative psychiatry.


Habits for a Healthy Pregnancy

In today’s episode, I’m chatting solo style all about my habits for a healthy pregnancy.


Acupuncture for Fertility + Pregnancy with Maring

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Maring Higa L.Ac all about acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy.


Metabolism Reset Diet with Dr. Alan Christianson

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Alan Christianson all about his book, the Metabolism Reset Diet.


Male Hormones and Testosterone with Dr. Michael Moeller 

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Michael Moeller all about male hormones and testosterone.


30 Day Thyroid Reset Plan with Dr. Becky Campbell

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Dr. Becky Campbell about the 30-day thyroid reset plan.


Brush Up on Great Dental Health with Trina

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Trina Felber all about great dental health.


Cycle Tracking + Pregnancy with Lisa Hendricks 

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Lisa Hendricks all about cycle tracking and how to prepare your body for pregnancy.


Your Future Fittest Self with Kathleen Trotter

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kathleen Trotter all about becoming your future fittest self.


The Hormone Fix with Dr. Anna Cabeca 

In today’s episode, we’re chatting all about hormones with Dr. Anna Cabeca and her new book called the Hormone Fix.


All About Vaccines with Dr. Bob Spears

In today’s episode, we’re chatting all about vaccines and answering the most frequently asked questions about vaccines.


Essential Oils for Hormones with Dr. Mariza Snyder

This week Dr. Lo speaks with Dr. Marzia all about using essential oils for hormones. []

You Can Fix Your Brain with Dr. Tom O’Bryan

This week Dr. Lo speaks with Tom O’Bryan all about brain health. []

Hashimotos_IzabellaWebHashimoto’s Protocol for Thyroid Healing with Izabella Wentz

This week Dr. Lo speaks with Izabella Wentz, pharmacologist and writer of the current NY Times Best Selling book, Hashimoto’s Protocol. Hashimoto disease is an often undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid condition that’s a growing epidemic[]

Dr HeatherPrevent and Treat Neurological Disease Naturally with Dr. Heather Zwickey

This week you’ll meet Dr. Heather Zwickey and learn how foggy brain and neurological issues like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s originate in the gut. Depending on gut health, it secretes beneficial hormones[]

Healing Power of YogaHeal Your Inner Game for Weight Loss Results with Kerry Tepedino

This week’s show is all about loving and embracing the good and bad parts of your humanness on the journey to natural weight loss and being a healthier, happier, better you. Dr. Lo’s guest, Kerry Tepedino[]

Stop Belly BloatStop Belly Bloat with Kristi Acuña

Do you work out, eat well and still manage to gain weight, especially around the belly? Dr. Lo talks with holistic nutritionist Kristi Acuña about the culprits behind why you’re gaining weight (and holding it in your midsection) and best of all, how to get rid of[]

Dr Matt AccursoHigh Performance Mindset with Dr Lo

This week is special as the tables are turned and Dr. Lo gets interviewed by Dr. Matt Accurso of Superhuman Entrepreneur Podcast. If you’ve ever wondered what a one on one consultation with Dr. Lo would be like, you’ll want to listen[]

Detox_Dr. MeaganDetox and Shine with Dr. Meagan Strodel

If you’re suffering from headaches, low energy, brain fog, body odor, weight gain, sluggish digestion or skin issues, you probably need to detox. Dr. Lauren talks with Dr. Meagan Strodel this week about how everyone can benefit[]

Miracle Mindset JJ Virgin_revisedMiracle Mindset with JJ Virgin

It’s time to bring out your positive, super-manifesting warrior self with best-selling author, fitness trainer and nutritionist to the stars, JJ Virgin. If you’ve had it rough lately, you will love this episode[]

Sex and Orgasms - DrBrightenSex and Orgasms for Women’s Health with Dr. Jolene Brighten

The show gets sexy this week as Dr. Noel talks with best-selling author and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jolene Brighten. This week is all about women’s empowerment, accepting pleasure and why a healthy libido[]

School of GreatnessSchool of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Dr. Lo chats with the NY Times best selling author, top 100 podcaster in the world, lifestyle entrepreneur, keynote speaker, former pro football player, Obama White House Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 30 and more[]

Medical Marijuana 101 with Dr PatelMedical Marijuana 101 with Dr. Rachna Patel

Dr. Noel covers a controversial topic this week: medical marijuana. And we’re not talking about getting stoned or high from smoking a joint and ending up feeling paranoid, anxious or having the munchies. Dr. Lo chats with[]

Healthy Habits with Dr Jason PikenHow Your Healthy Habits Make you Better with Dr. Jason Piken

Tonight on Dr Lo Show, join Dr Lo as she chats with Dr. Jason Piken, author of Better: 11 Simple Habits to Improve Your Life. In this episode you will learn[]

Skin health discussion_DrCatesSkin Health Discussion with Dr. Trevor Cates

On this episode of Dr Lo Show, I have my friend Dr. Trevor Cates back on to talk all about SKIN HEALTH from a naturopathic perspective. Dr. Cates believes that the key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment[]