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I am really excited about this episode! I got to sit down with the founders of Serenity Kids – an organic and environmentally friendly baby food. We absolutely love Serenity Kids in our home! So today, we are spreading a lot of light on baby and toddler nutrition! You will be so surprised to find out what may be in your baby’s food. You do not want to miss this one! 


We Discuss:


  • {6:08} Serenity’s paleo health journey 
  • {8:22} Joe’s inspiring story with autism 
  • {12:32} How their baby food business came to be
  • {15:11} USDA’s recommended daily nutrient intake for babies and toddlers
  • {15:40} The toxic and nutrient lacking ingredients found in most baby food
  • {18:41} Examples of brain nutrient food for babies – found in your kitchen! 
  • {21:31} Simple bone broth recipe for babies 
  • {23:13} The environmentally friendly sourced ingredients used in their products
  • {29:49} The Clean Label Project
  • And so much more! 




Links Mentioned:

Clean Label Project

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About the Guests:


Serenity Carr, co-founder and CEO of Serenity Kids Baby Food, is on a mission to promote wellness starting with the first bite. Formerly employed in tech and logistics, Serenity left her job to pursue her passion of health coaching where she helped clients achieve their personal health goals. Having healed her digestive issues through a lifestyle diet change, Serenity is transforming the baby food industry by developing innovative nutrient-dense products because every bite counts. 



Joe Carr, co-founder and President of Serenity Kids Baby Food, is a certified life coach and educator devoted to social justice activism. An autism activist and proponent of the Paleo diet, Joe serves on the Advisory Board for Autism Hope Alliance and works with other autistic adults and youth to help them harness their gifts and genuinely believes that food is medicine. He is also active with the ManKind Project helping men develop power with compassion. As President of Serenity Kids, Joe oversees day-to-day operations and leads sales that will transform the baby food industry. 


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