Comprehensive Lab Testing

Our comprehensive lab testing is what sets us apart. Our aim is to find the root cause of symptoms, using the most innovative testing available. After the initial consultation, your doctor will select the appropriate test panels… Read More


Nutrition Counseling

As a naturopathic clinic, we place a huge emphasis on the food that you eat. We believe you are what you eat and that your food should be your medicine. Our approach to nutrition is to nourish your body with real food and to replenish any deficiencies we may uncover from your testing… Read More

IV Nutrition

Our Intravenous Nutrition (IV Nutrition) program was developed to provide our patients with injectable liquid vitamins that help supercharge the immune system and replenish vitamins and minerals that may be deficient. IV Nutrition delivers high quality nutrients that are easily absorbed into the body… Read More


Vitamin Injections

Micronutrient Injection Therapy was designed to deliver high dose vitamins that are difficult to absorb through food or supplementation. The injection is given intramuscularly, completely bypassing the digestive tract, which increases the absorption rate and bioavailability.

Our shot cocktails were formulated by Shine Doctors to … Read More


Hormone Balancing

Hormones, we all have them! Our hormones change throughout our lives and the slightest imbalance can cause a multitude of symptoms including: fatigue, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, headaches, temperature change, loss of libido and many more. We offer hormone testing… Read More



Shine Detox Program

We are all toxic! Since you live on planet Earth, you are likely carrying toxins that increase your risk for disease. Minimizing that toxic load is up to you.

With an increasing amount of toxins found in the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe and the environment around us, it is more important than ever to complete … Read More


Weight Loss Programs

“At Shine, we offer natural weight loss programs that will be customized depending on your weight loss goals. Weight loss isn’t about calories in and calories out. It is a complex physiologic process in your body that determines how much fat you store. If there are hidden sources of inflammation and infections, your body will secrete stress hormones and make weight loss incredibly difficult… Read More