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Welcome! Shop our favorite high quality supplements, available through Fullscript, curated by our in-house medical team

We love Fullscript because they provide thousands of options of the highest quality supplement brands with a special discount in an easy and convenient format. We use Fullscript to create prescriptions and custom recommendations to our patients.

Fullscript simplifies the overwhelming parts of a supplement protocol, whether it’s high pricing, confusing regimens or always running out, Fullscript’s process is simple and easy to use. Explore the proven protocols we use at Shine Natural medicine and browse our tried and true favorite, now available to anyone that signs up!  You can shop our favorite selection of high quality supplements and highly effective naturopathic remedies.




Step 1: Create a Fullscript account

We love an online supplier for our medicine dispensary called Fullscript. Easy to share custom packaged remedies and protocols. You can create an account quickly and easily by clicking the button below. Membership is totally free to you, you’ll get 10% off with every order and free shipping on orders over $50!
For your privacy protection and security you will be prompted to create an account and log in every time you want to view a product and/or place an order. This is how we can give you your special discount and our suggestions and protocols are secure. Once you’re logged in with an account you can start browsing our favorite remedies and start the supplement shopping adventure.

Step 2: Browse our Favorites

We’ve shared our most effective and proven protocols for the most common health issues and once you sign up you can see what we recommend. You also just browse our favorite tried and true supplements for everyday health!





Step 3: Refill directly in Fullscript

Need to refill your supplements? Inside Fullscript you’ll see how long your supply will last and can even set up auto-ship to make sure you’re staying on top of your supplement game! Click below to visit our shop.




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