At Shine, we are committed to educating our community on the power of natural medicine. Here are a few clips of our Shine Doctors in the media. Check it out!

Dr. Noel Media Appearances

Diet Rehab: The Steps towards Health Are Cobbled by Proper NutritionDr Matt Accurso

Primal Blue Print Podcast – Episode 132: Dr. Lauren NoelPrimalBlueVideo

Dr. Noel on “The Antioxidant That Reverses Aging”

Dr. Noel on the Randy and Christa Show discussing liver health, glutathione and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Interview with Cindy Matalucci from the Pulse: Step Inside Shine Natural Medicine

Dr. Noel Lightning talk at Bulletproof Bio Hacking Conference 2014: Who we are and what we do at SHINE.

Dr. Noel talk at Paleo FX Conference: Thyroid, Hormone Balancing and Supplementation

Dr. Noel with Drew Canole of Fitlife TV: 5 Sneaky Ways You’re Not Losing Weight

Dr. Noel with Drew Canole of Fitlive TV: 11 Tips to Supercharge your Vagina

Dr. Noel with Drew Canole of Fitlife TV: What does your poop say about you?

Dr. Noel on the Health Nuts Podcast: All About Menopause



Interview with Abel James – the Fat-Burning Man Podcast: Food as Medicine, Why Doctor’s Smoke and How to Have a Rockstar Poop!