Glutathione Nebulizer

Glutathione Nebulizer

Do you have asthma? Chronic allergies that affect your breathing? Do you have wheezing? Are you struggling to get all that mucus out after your cold that “ended” weeks ago? Are your sinuses stuffy or is your head congested? Have a lingering cough?

Our breathing treatments are for you.

At Shine, we offer several different kinds of breathing treatments, which use a nebulizer to get either glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant) or acetyl-cysteine (a sulfur containing amino acid) into your lungs or your nasal cavity, depending on the area that needs addressing. We also can add a special essential oil blend into the mix to help relax and calm your lung or nasal tissues.

Glutathione is great for combating hyperactivity of the lung tissue, which is why it’s great for coughs that linger or chronic asthma. It nourishes the lung tissue and works it’s antioxidant magic.

Acetyl-cysteine is a form of the amino acid, cysteine, and it’s a super potent mucolytic (breaks up mucus) – think of it as a natural Mucinex, without side effects!

Different combos we common recommend:

1. Glutathione alone

2. Glutathione + Cysteine

3. Any of the above with essential oil

These treatments last for about 15 minutes and might even put you to sleep, they’re that relaxing. All you need to do is sit, relax and BREATHE!

And yes, kiddos can participate too! They need to be old enough to understand the concept, however, so we recommend ages 5 or 6+

If you’re curious which breathing treatment is right for you – give us a call, or stop by, and our team can advise you! Let us help you kick that cold, or calm down those lungs and allergies.

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