High Performance Mindset with Dr Lo

Dr Matt Accurso

High Performance Mindset with Dr Lo

This week is special as the tables are turned and Dr. Lo gets interviewed by Dr. Matt Accurso of Superhuman Entrepreneur Podcast. If you’ve ever wondered what a one on one consultation with Dr. Lo would be like, you’ll want to listen. Dr. Lo shares her secrets on the power of a positive mindset as well as tips on achieving the optimal health needed to live a successful and satisfying, high-performance life.

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Mind set is a decision. Are you going to be a victim or [view challenges as] feedback to work on something?”- Dr. Lo


Dr. Lo would know. And that’s why she became a naturopathic doctor and opened a pioneering natural health clinic. Her early experiences with medicine and clinics were negative. She suffered from acne and thyroid levels that doctors dismissed as nearly normal—levels that she’d find alarmingly off the charts if they were her own patients’.

When she discovered the world of nutrition and natural medicine, she decided to attend medical school—not to become a doctor—but to educate herself. “I went to med school to be my own advocate and know things for myself and my family. And opening a clinic was a bonus,” she said.

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I empower therefore I am”- Dr. Lo[/otw_shortcode_quote]

The statement above is Dr. Lo’s life mission. Her goal is to educate, inspire and motivate everyone to reach their maximum health and life potential. This week will fire you up with ways you can improve your health and the health of your home environment, as well as give your mindset a mega boost. And as usual, the takeaway comes in fun and unexpected ways like sing alongs and rap music.

Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:

  • Why you should eat more food that smell like farts
  • What IV therapy is and why it’s the best way to get 100 percent nutrition instantly
  • Why Erin Brockovich can’t retire from fighting for the environment
  • The most important detox tool and when to have it
  • What Dr. Lo works on improving with her patients FIRST
  • How to easily determine what cosmetics and skin care products do more damage than good
  • Dr. Lo’s simple, doable 4 step program to living a detoxed, high-performance life
  • Dr. Lo’s game-changing step you can take tomorrow to make your days happier and more successful

Also mentioned in this week’s podcast:

  • Organifi, Dr. Lo’s green drink of choice is the show sponsor. The green drink is a great coffee replacement and is boosted with adrenal support herbs. Save 20% off anything you order at organifi.com when you enter DRLO at checkout.
  • If you need a little extra health support or want help with a customized detox or weight loss program, Dr. Lauren Noel and her team are available either in-person or remotely through Shine Natural Medicine.
  • You can learn more about Dr. Matt Accurso through his website, superhumanentrepreneur.com or listen to his show, The Superhuman Entrepreneur podcast.
  • Follow Dr. Lo on Snapchat and Instagram @healthylo.

Hosted by Dr. Lauren “Lo” Noel of Shine Natural Medicine. Like this week’s topic? Leave a 5-star review and comment or future show suggestion at iTunes.