Cocaine in Your Cookies with Dr. Nicole Peoples | Dr. Lo Show


What we’re covering in this episode:

  • What exactly osteopathic medicine is
  • Why overexposure to sugar is poisonous
  • How doing a sugar detox will help you figure out how to consume sugar wisely
  • Why a sugar addiction should be treated as such
  • Why anyone can benefit from removing sugar from their diet
  • How sugar is in about 75-80% of all processed foods
  • How lack of sleep can affect your sugar cravings
  • How sugar causes fat storage

Resources Mentioned: 

Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility-boosting program for women + couples


Fabletics – Get 2 pairs of leggings for $24

Organifi – Use the code DRLO for 20% off your purchase

About Dr. Peoples: 

Dr. Nicole Peoples is a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine, specializing in  Functional Medicine. The intention of her practice is to help you create the healthiest version of yourself.

Her approach is not to prescribe quick fixes that only cover up the symptoms but to assist you  with a step by step process to making  transformational  changes that improve and eliminate symptoms of chronic illness. She utilizes a broad array of strategies that blend the best of evidence-based interventions both conventional and nonconventional.

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