Reviving Your Sexual Health with Susan Bratton | Dr. Lo Show

Inside this episode: 

  • How your health and sex drive are connected
  • Why women’s intimate needs are so much different than men’s
  • How couples and us as women specifically can learn to slow down
  • Why we need to rethink the entire structure of what lovemaking looks like
  • How couples can learn to communicate in the bedroom so that both of their needs are met
  • What to do when you have low libido
  • How to maintain your vaginal elasticity after menopause
  • The different types of orgasms that exist
  • What some of the health benefits from orgasms are

Resources Mentioned: 

Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility-boosting program for women + couples

Sexual Soulmate Pact


Organifi – Use the code DRLO for 20% off your purchase

About Susan Bratton: 

Susan Bratton is an advocate and champion of all who desire passionate intimacy. Best-selling author of 34 books and online programs that teach passionate lovemaking, bedroom communication skills and restorative sexual wellness techniques. She’s a frequent daytime television guest, speaker from the stage and expert on myriad online summits and podcasts. In addition to being a sexpert helping millions of people through her Better Lover YouTube channel and Instagram platform, she is the CEO of a digital publishing company called Personal Life Media and creator of a next-generation line of libido products for people across the gender spectrum called, The20.

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