Mono + the Toxic Trio with Dr. Kasey Holland | Dr. Lo Show

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Kasey Holland all about mono and the toxic trio.

Tune into this eye-opening episode and find out more about what the toxic trio actually is and how mono isn’t always a one and done type of deal.

Inside this episode: 

  • What got Dr. Holland started as a naturopathic doctor
  • Dr. Holland’s story with EBV
  • What EBV actually is 
  • Why antibiotics don’t help combat EBV
  • The different symptoms of EBV
  • Different conditions that EBV can cause 
  • What Dr. Holland looks for in chronic EBV cases
  • What the toxic trio is and how Dr. Holland navigates that with her patients
  • How mold causes brain fog

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Dr. Talib’s Bio: 

Dr. Nigma Talib, is a Naturopathic Doctor based in Los Angeles, California.She is also the founder of Healthydoc clinics previously located in West Vancouver and London,England.

She is an author of a best selling book “reverse the signs of ageing” and “ younger skin starts in the gut”. Her passion for creating quality and science based supplements and skin care has reached consumers internationally and started in Net a porter being one of the first pioneers to introduce vitamin supplements to the fashion industry.