Peaceful Parenting with Wendy Snyder

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Wendy Snyder is a mom of two, Certified Positive Parenting Educator, and Family Life Coach. She inspires parents to learn and grow through connection-based firm and kind strategies. Wendy helps parents ditch the threats, yelling and harsh punishments so they can live a life as a joyful and confident parent.

In this episode, Wendy thought she was prepared for motherhood, then explains how having her own strong-willed daughter opened her eyes to so many other things. Through her journey, she found “Positive Parenting” and learned that a lot of her kids’ behaviors were directly related to her, and weren’t solely a reflection of them as individuals.

After a few years, Wendy became an educator after feeling that she had an obligation to share the tips she had learned. Today, she spreads her message in local groups in San Diego as well as online in her Fresh Start Family groups.

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4:37 About Wendy Snyder
6:31 How Wendy got started
7:25 Stella’s story
10:55 Wendy’s discovery of Positive Parenting
12:15 How Fresh Start Family was born
12:52 Paradigm-shifting; understanding how some children communicate
16:53 Tactical tips to handling strong-willed children
18:24 How some children can ask for their needs to be met
20:07 Ten strategies for “dissolving” combative behaviors
21:18 How empowering your children will actually make your life easier
26:01 How to gracefully say “no” without triggering a negative response
28:22 Making agreements with your children to initiate more positive responses
32:55 How to “flip the threat”
36:01 How to navigate co-parenting, when both parents aren’t on the same page
40:30 An overview of a few of the topics on Wendy’s podcast
42:25 Staying in a place of compassion

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