The Most Important Factor of Your Health with Dr. Michelle Peris | Dr. Lo Show

Inside this episode: 

  • Why community is the key to happiness
  • Why it’s important to tend to the social pain that we’re experiencing
  • The comparison between loneliness in kids and adults
  • How social pain can create physical pain
  • How group counseling can be more beneficial to work through trauma than one-on-one counseling
  • How Dr. Peris is using group support in her own practice
  • How to start implementing group support in your own practice
  • How group support can be beneficial for extreme introverts too

Resources Mentioned: 

Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility-boosting program for women + couples

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Dr. Michelle Peris’ Bio: 

Dr. Michelle Peris is a naturopathic doctor (ND), community builder, speaker, women’s empowerment advocate and mother. Michelle is the clinic director of The Poppy Clinic, an integrative medical clinic. Michelle is the creator of the community health initiative, Rebel Tribe.

Michelle maintains a private practice in the city of Oakville, while also dedicating her time on cultivating community health programs aimed at health education and women’s empowerment. She believes that connection is essential for optimal health. She is passionate about helping women of all ages and life stages how to listen to their bodies and tune into the wisdom inside, helping them create a life that feels good to live, with energy and passion that had been long forgotten.

As an ND, Michelle is immensely passionate about helping women (and their families) become their own best health advocate and believes that empowered, health conscious individuals can achieve a superior quality of life.