Binging Sober with Collen Ryan-Hensley

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Colleen Ryan-Hensley is a Navy Veteran and has launched #bingingSober – a practice she’s used to manage mental health challenges for two decades. Binging Sober focuses on the value of taking time away from intoxication via mind-numbing, unhealthy escapism in all of its forms – including alcohol, social media, processed food, and more – rather than permanently abstaining from any single habit.

Colleen has a background in Performance Psychology, and has spent over fifteen years reinventing “mental toughness”.

In this episode, Colleen shares her story of trauma and some of the methods and systems she’s used to “peel her layers” in order to get to the root of her pain. She describes how she had habits of deflecting from even using certain language to define her trauma, and how she was able to finally come to terms with accepting what it was by using her “Binging Sober” method.

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03:00 Intro
05:40 Colleen’s history with depression and other mental health challenges
09:15 The side effects Colleen experienced as a result of her trauma
11:17 Self-discovery, trauma, and uncovering some of the layers covering trauma
17:00 Learning to match internal harmony with exterior expressions
19:12 Some challenges in finding a therapist (and methods to find one that fits you!)
20:26 Defining “Binging Sober”
25:25 Escapism; navigating through the tendency to escape, while staying vulnerable and connecting to those who deserve connection
29:12 Feeling trauma leads to processing trauma, which leads to the first step in healing trauma
31:33 How to begin the conversation about trauma with others
37:16 Accepting “the bad” in life, rather than letting it destroy you

Binging Sober: 

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