Integrative Psychiatry and Way Beyond with Dr. Siobhan Dawson | Dr. Lo Show

What’s Inside this Episode: 

  • What brought Dr. Dawson to integrative psychiatry in the first place
  • Why integrative psychiatry isn’t just about what goes on in your brain
  • Why medication isn’t always the answer
  • How different disorders are treated in integrative psychiatry
  • Why choosing fresh and nonprocessed foods helps heal the body
  • How quieting your mind helps you with self-discovery
  •  What questions to ask yourself on the journey to self-discovery

Resources Mentioned: 
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Dr. Dawson’s Bio: 

Who am I? Do we ever really know?! I flirt at being a creative visionary, dancer, medical scientist and loving healer. I am equal parts tart and spiritual warrior! High heels and feathers! I will engage in most things with enthusiasm. Learning, music, nature, art and movement. I want to learn to cook like a diva, create a wonderland in my garden and perform magic tricks to amaze kids!
I trained as a medical doctor in Cape Town. I became a Psychiatrist in London. To help “save” my dying father I became interested in Functional Medicine and became one of the first Integrative Psychiatrists in South Africa. The grief precipitated my commitment to practicing the medicine I felt my patients were asking for. There is a huge gap in the Western medical model’s approach to chronic diseases. We are spending more money on drugs and therapy, but people feel less happy and more stressed than ever before.
I have a passion for creating sustainable health solutions for people who do not just seek symptom relief with medication. They have the courage to use their mental health suffering as a catalyst for personal growth.
I am curious about your story, especially what makes you resilient. How do some people face incredible hardship but retain that inner light of strength?
My exploration of self-discovery is driving me to a place of deep acceptance of who I am. I want to connect intimately and learn how to be of service to others. Part of the search has been a realisation that I must grow my “being” to adequately hold others.
To facilitate opportunities for people to awaken to their deeper nature and ultimate truth has drawn me to explore many healing modalities.
I have a resonance with individuals who wish to step into their power. I use functional medicine, psychiatric assessment, the magic of playfulness and the frequency of creating beauty and ritual.