Create Hormonal Harmony with Dr. Trevor Cates

Join Dr. Lo as she interviews Dr. Trevor Cates about the ins and outs of hormone balance and how you can take control of your hormonal health once and for all!

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I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode!

We Discuss:
{4:13} What hormones could do?
{7:55} Bodies are designed to be healthy
{8:50} Symptoms that women deal with
{10:10} When your hormones are out of bounds
{12:23} Micro and Macro nutrients that we need to support our hormones
{14:15} Group of chemicals that will disrupt hormones
{15:30} What are the things that we can do
{18:45} What we need to do to help support our health and hormones
{19:55} Our hormones change with the seasons
{23:10} List of food that we should focus on in seasons
And so much more!

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