Addressing Toxic Mold and Hidden Infections with Dr. Jess Peatross | Dr. Lo Show

What’s Inside this Episode: 

  • How Dr. Jess got started with her medical journey
  • How to take precautions against mold
  • Different places where mold can be found
  • You can use an ERMI test to test house for mold (
  • The symptoms you can get from mold exposure
  • How to use the Great Plains urine test to determine mold exposure
  • How to identify mold exposure with lab tests
  • How to use the visual contrast test to tell if you have mold in your system (
  • How to avoid getting exposure to heavy metals
  • How to avoid exposure from WiFi at home
  • How to evaluate your exposure to any and all toxins at home by changing your routine

Resources Mentioned: 
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Dr. Peatross’s Bio: 

Dr. Jess finished medical school in 2006 after graduating from the University of Louisville and began internal medicine residency thereafter. During this time, she experienced mounting anxiety, hormonal imbalances and adrenal dysfunction due to her long hours and demanding schedule. She also observed that many of her patients never improved and often became a revolving door of admissions in the hospital. In 2012, after health issues began to worsen, Dr Jess had a personal awakening. She began to realize that allopathic medicine did not have all the answers she was so earnestly seeking.

Dr. Jess moved to the west coast from Kentucky in early 2013. It was then that she dove into the world of Ayurveda, holistic healing, nutrigenomics, stem cells, cannabis, Gerson therapy and homeopathy. Her philosophy now embodies true health as being all encompassing of mind, body and spirit. Today Dr Jess practices as a Gerson therapy practitioner, is well versed in cannabis therapy, herbs, and functional medicine.

As hospitals, insurance companies, and allopathic medicine hold firmly onto outdated belief patterns, patients and clients continue to ask for more from their healthcare providers. Dr Jess believes that personalized, preventative and functional treatment plans are the next step to revolutionize healthcare. Disease is much easier to prevent than to cure. Dr Jess would love to help heal you on every level through inspiration, knowledge, movement, nutrition, and a multidisciplinary approach.