Hashimoto’s Protocol for Thyroid Healing with Izabella Wentz


Hashimoto’s Protocol for Thyroid Healing with Izabella Wentz

This week Dr. Lo speaks with Izabella Wentz, pharmacologist and writer of the current NY Times Best Selling book, Hashimoto’s Protocol. Hashimoto disease is an often undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid condition that’s a growing epidemic. That’s why this episode is so important to hear and share with loved ones.

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“27% of Americans have Hashimoto’s and most aren’t even aware of it.” – Izabella Wentz


The disease can go undiagnosed for the first 10 years until it’s in the later, advanced stage-4. Hormone therapy is prescribed but for many patients, doesn’t help much with the symptoms of Hashimoto’s, which have a huge effect on a person’s quality of life.

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“When you’re sick it consumes your life. You can’t step up in the world and can’t be present. When I was sick I withdrew from my friends.” -Izabella Wentz


Izabella suffered from fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and depression in her early 20s. The doctors told her she was depressed but she knew it wasn’t normal to feel this way. Because she was in pharmacy school, she turned to medication as the solution with no luck.

Izabella’s aha moment was when she was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She was actually happy to know what was wrong and that she wasn’t crazy.

And so began her life’s work on thyroid disorders. In this podcast, she’ll share all the symptoms, triggers and best treatments for this debilitating disorder. There’s hope!

And as usual on the Dr. Lo Show, the takeaway comes in interesting and unexpected ways like thyroid glands that are smart, hibernating bears, shopping malls at Christmas and how Hashimoto’s can be a blessing in disguise, teaching you how to live a better life.

Plus, you can listen or view this week’s podcast on YouTube.

Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:

  • How Hashimoto’s affects your fertility
  • What worked in as little as 1 week for 65% of Izabella’s patients with Hashimoto’s
  • Why all women should have thyroid levels checked
  • What the top symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease are (and they’re unexpected, like panic attacks and anxiety)
  • The most dangerous time and the events that can trigger Hashimoto’s and how to prevent it
  • How the thyroid is an environmental sensing gland and what that means

Also mentioned in this week’s podcast:

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  • Izabella Wentz can be found at thyroidpharmacist.com. Her current, best-selling book, Hashimoto Protocol can be purchased here.
  • Izabella’s documentary series, The Thyroid Secret, can be found here
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