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Miracle Mindset with JJ Virgin

If you’ve had a rough time lately and can’t see how your life can change for the better, you will love this episode. It’s time to bring out your positive, super-manifesting warrior self.

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“Life is choosing our experiences and how we relate to things.”-JJ Virgin


This week’s guest is JJ Virgin, fitness trainer and nutritionist to the stars, author of 4 New York Times Best-Selling books, motivational speaker and mom. Her latest book, Miracle Mindset, is all about her journey to save her son after a devastating hit and run accident that left him in a coma with a 2.5% probability of survival. Her love, commitment and undying faith in the power of miracles and positivity saved them both.

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“A positive mindset can be developed like a muscle. We can control our life; it doesn’t just happen to us.”-JJ Virgin


JJ offers great advice on managing your environment by being conscious of negative thoughts, people and situations as well as the importance of making time to be 100% present in whatever you’re doing.

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“Delegate, delete or automate [the non-priorities in life]. Your NOT to-do list is more important than your to-do list.”-JJ Virgin[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:

  • Why an amputee is happier than a lottery winner
  • Why you should fix your mindset before you start a business
  • How rubber bands can help you change your negative mindset
  • Why forgiveness is literally medicine, according to studies
  • Why taking care of yourself is the most important and selfless thing you can do for your family
  • Why JJ is convinced that forgiveness is powerfully healing and has nothing to do with the other person
  • The first 3 action steps from JJ’s Miracle Mindset Academy for creating personal miracles

Also mentioned in this week’s podcast:

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  • For more information on this week’s guest, JJ Virgin, visit her website at JJVirgin.com. Her books like The Virgin Diet, Sugar Impact Cookbook and Miracle Mindset can be found on Amazon.
  • Her documentary is currently playing on public television or can be found on her website, miraclemindset.com.
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