Retraining the Brain’s Trauma Response with Annie Hopper

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In this episode, Annie Hopper describes how she was able to rehabilitate her brain, which ultimately led to her full recovery, after years of dealing with “unexplained” illnesses. Her desire to help others who were suffering, ultimately resulted in her creation of the DNRS Program.

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System, or DNRS, has helped thousands of people “retrain the brain” to regulate a maladapted stress response. This has created a space for healing and recovery for patients who once suffered from “mysterious” chronic symptoms and syndromes.

In this episode, Annie shares her personal story on how trauma manifested in her life and how she was able to “reverse” its impact later in life.

Annie was once debilitated by her illnesses and sensitivities. She started to wonder if some of the symptoms or challenges she was experiencing were caused by some sort of protective mechanism, deep within her limbic system. Could an accumulation of chemical, physical, and emotional trauma create a disorganization of neural circuits in the limbic system, keeping her body in a sort of “flight” state that constantly kept her body in a cycle of chronic illness? And if so, what could be done?

The brain is like a computer, or a road map, and it can be rewired with the right attention and work. Rewiring the brain can help lessen or even eliminate automatic stress responses. Annie describes what she calls “The Five Pillars of Recovery” and how this program is utilized with people suffering from stress response-related ailments.

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01:40 Intro to the DNRS Program (Dynamic Neural Retraining System)
07:55 Annie’s “perfect storm” for limbic system impairment
13:15 The Limbic System and Annie’s research
18:30 Fight, Flight or Freeze and how a “reset” can lessen these stress responses.
20:09 How Annie’s recovery began, and her mission to help others
20:59 The Limbic System and threat-response
22:39 The Five Pillars of Recovery, explained
26:04 Changing the brain’s perception of external “triggers”
27:27 An example of Incremental Training; choosing a different way to act on thoughts
31:09 Brain chemistry; stress hormones vs D.O.S.E. chemicals
38:51 The “Share a Laugh” Class
39:30 Other courses available
42:19 Study done with patients who suffered from long-COVID, and hyperreactivity to environmental toxins and fatigue
46:12 How to get started with the DNRS program
47:53 Counteracting the Negativity Bias

Link: Annie Hopper – Dynamic Neural Retraining System

Book: Wired for Healing: Remapping the Brain to Recover from Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses

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