The Seven Tenants of Aging with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann

Welcome to another episode of the Dr. Lo Radio Show! I really enjoyed recording this episode, and I think you will enjoy it as well. 

Today I am chatting with Sandra Kaufmann all about anti-aging.  We specifically talk about the seven tenets of aging. Sandra is the founder of The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute, which is an educational company that focuses on why we age and how we can minimize the effects of aging to live longer and healthier. 

In this episode, Sandra shares so much good information including how to understand cellular aging, why different people age differently, and why longevity protocols need to be personalized.  She also shares the best way to get started on a protocol and why a longevity protocol is important in addition to diet and exercise.  

If you are listening to this episode and you or someone you know are navigating through any of the health issues we discuss, I would be more than happy to support you in the journey! Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation: @doctor_lo

I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode! 

We Discuss:

  • {09:36} Sandra shares her story and background
  • {13:13} The 7 Reasons Your Cells Age/The Seven Tenets of Aging
  • {16:20} What is Autophagy?
  • {21:24} Your Immune System’s Effect on Aging
  • {24:01} Lipofuscin
  • {25:52} How Genetics Affect Your Aging
  • {28:29} Assessing Root Causes
  • {30:24} Using Molecular Agents (Supplements, Adjuvants, & More)
  • {33:10} Agents That Help the Most Overall
  • {43:05} Quercetin Benefits
  • {44:40} Ecklonia Cava Benefits 
  • {46:37} Diet and Exercise Effects on Anti-Aging
  • {48:37} Sandra’s Personal Protocol 
  • {51:25} Tips for Getting Started Using Molecular Agents
  • {54:36} What Most People Don’t Know About Collagen
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Sandra’s Website

The Kaufmann Protocol: Why we Age and How to Stop it

Sandra on Instagram

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About The Guest: 

Sandra Kaufmann is the founder of The Kaufmann Anti-aging Institute, a forward-thinking educational company, with the overarching goal of educating the general public on why we age and how we can minimize the effects of aging to live longer healthier lives. The Kauffman protocol, which has both a book and app on the market, is the product of this and is underpinned by Sandra’s longevity and cellular biology expertise.

Dr. Kaufmann has a Master’s Degree from the University of Connecticut in Tropical Ecology and Plant Physiology. She is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and has recently received an accolade from the American Health Council as “Best in Medicine,” she is a certified expert on the science of medicine, and specifically anti-aging.

Her avid interest in the science of anti-aging began many years ago as an intense hobby. Utilizing her knowledge in cell biology, human pharmacology, and physiology, this hobby has now become a main focus. The project represents years of non-clinical research leading to the first, ever, comprehensive theory of aging.

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