Magnetizing Your Soulmate with Rebecca Boatman | Dr. Lo Show



What’s Inside this Episode: 

  • “Every relationship is a way for us to learn and master ourselves more” – Rebecca Boatman
  • How Rebecca manages her relationship dynamic with her partner
  • Why communication matters so much in a relationship
  • How to bring humor into your relationship through the tough times
  • How to go from conflict to communicating effectively
  • How to uncover the need that isn’t being met
  • What the gratitude sandwich is and how to use it in your relationship
  • Why it’s key to get clear on what exactly you desire in a relationship
  • Figure out your 3 most important feelings you need from a relationship
  • Don’t sit around and wait for someone to come around and make your life amazing – make your own life amazing
  • Gow to use your current reality to attract your soulmate
  • How to shift to be in the receiving mode for a relationship
  • Why you need to be willing to believe that there’s an abundance of eligible partners out there
  • How to spice things up in your relationship if you’re currently feeling alone
  • Why it’s important to look at the stories we’re telling ourselves and create the space to uncover these with our partner
  • How we can feel more heard and understood by our partner
  • Why holding space for possibility is so important

Resources Mentioned: 
Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility-boosting program for women + couples


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Rebecca’s Bio: 

Rebecca Boatman, the go-to love coach and graduate of several emotional intelligence academies, has coached hundreds of women and men in the area of emotional intelligence. She is now CEO of The Brave Lady where she specializes in helping ladies inspire a wildly fulfilling romance by giving them the right tools to create a relationship they are absolutely in love with.