Detox and Shine with Dr. Meagan Strodel

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Detox and Shine with Dr. Meagan Strodel

If you’re suffering from headaches, low energy, brain fog, body odor, weight gain, sluggish digestion or skin issues, you probably need to detox. In fact, skin, being the biggest organ of the body, is often where toxicity issues show up first.

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Skin is a reflection of what goes on internally.” – Dr. Strodel


Dr. Lo talks with Dr. Meagan Strodel this week about the importance of detoxification. Dr. Strodel says she’s been a naturopath since she was 12 years old. She had a chronic rash no doctor could diagnose—except for a naturopath. He led her to wellness and inspired her to become a naturopathic doctor herself.

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A basic detox is helpful to everyone to clear and reset their system.” – Dr. Strodel[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Everyone can benefit from regular and periodic detoxing. The human body has organs that handle this but according to Dr. Lo, “We’re exposed to more things than we ever were before. We need to elevate our body to respond to these new stressors.”

Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:

  • What the grandma test is and why you need it before you buy any makeup
  • If you’re thinking about having a baby, when (and when not) to start a detox—and why you should
  • The shocking poisons we sweat out like arsenic, cadmium, BPA and plastics
  • Why proper breathing is as important as any other detox method
  • Simple ways to get started with gentle, daily detoxing that don’t cost much
  • How the Shine Detox Kit fits perfectly into your daily life to give you comprehensive, nutritive detox support
  • Why you need molybdenum supplements, especially if you have issues with wine, onions or brussel sprouts
  • Why some aging issues shouldn’t be accepted as normal and can be fixed or prevented with regular, gentle detoxing

Also mentioned in this week’s podcast:

  • Organifi, Dr. Lo’s green drink of choice is the show sponsor. Save 20% off anything you order at when you enter DRLO at checkout.
  • If you need a little extra health support or want help with a customized detox program to address your needs, Dr. Lauren Noel and Dr. Meagan Strodel are available either in-person or remotely through Shine Natural Medicine.
  • The Environmental Working Group at has a comprehensive cosmetics database with toxicity levels. Try to choose items with a score of 3 or below.
  • is a great resource for nutrition facts.
  • Follow Dr. Lo on Snapchat and Instagram @healthylo.

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