Break Binge Eating for Good with Jessi Jean Cowan| Dr. Lo Show

Do you feel like you are out of control when it comes to food? Are you an emotional eater? 

Our new guest, Jessi Jean, joins the show today to chat about disordered eating and body image. Jessi is a certified Eating Psychology Coach who helps women stop feeling crazy about food. This episode is loaded with helpful insight and tangible tips on how you can take control of your relationship with food and body. 

Stick around friend – your brain and body will thank you later!

We Discuss: 

  • {7:51} Jessi’s story about her battle with her eating disorder 
  • {12:45} The neuroscience behind disordered eating
  • {17:06} Some of the techniques that Jessi used to re-train her brain and re-establish trust in her body 
  • {21:55} Why connecting to your inner child is important for your recovery
  • {23:27} How we can start to cultivate a positive body image 
  • {32:43} Goals vs. Vision 
  • {38:00} Jessi’s tangible tips for anyone struggling with impulsive tendencies with food 
  • {40:33} Starting simple morning routines 
  • And so much more! 


Links Mentioned:

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Food Freedom online program


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Jessi on Instagram:


Jessi Jean’s Website:


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About the Guest: 


Jessi Jean is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach who helps women stop feeling crazy around food and start feeling confident in their relationship with food + body. She specializes in binge, compulsive, emotional and overeating. Jessi uses mental collaboration and metacognition techniques to help her clients achieve freedom inside her 4 Month Food Freedom Online Program.


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