How Your Healthy Habits Make you Better with Dr. Jason Piken

Healthy Habits with Dr Jason Piken

How Your Healthy Habits Make you Better with Dr. Jason Piken

Tonight on Dr Lo Show, join Dr Lo as she chats with Dr. Jason Piken, author of Better: 11 Simple Habits to Improve Your Life, about why you should care about healthy habits and how to make them work for you to give you the life you’ve always imagined.

Some of the things you’ll discover in this week’s podcast are:

  • What makes people happier and healthier
  • Why the heck habits matter anyway
  • How to create your PRC (Personal Report Card)
  • How to create habits for the long haul

Dr Jason Piken, founder of Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan, is a Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, and a Certified Nutritionist Specialist. Dr Piken is widely considered to be one of the top Chiropractors specializing in holistic and alternative health in the Country. His office functions as a primary source of health care without the use of drugs or surgery focusing on the whole patient for physical and mental well-being.He teaches patients how to understand their body better which will help them for the rest of their lives.

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