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Welcome to another episode of the Dr. Lo Radio Show! I really enjoyed recording this episode, and I think you will enjoy it as well. 

Today I am chatting with Dr. Angela Potter, all about helping mothers naturally feel balanced, empowered, and healthy! We share our own experiences with having our babies. We also discuss ways to transition after having a baby. We talk about the biggest struggles moms experience after birth and the biggest myths of healing after birth. We wrap up our conversation talking about the biggest mistakes moms make with their health after birth and what you can do to feel empowered and strong after birth. 

If you are a new mama or trying to get pregnant, this show is for you! It is a very sensitive time after having a baby. If you just had a baby or you are having a baby soon and you’re not feeling great, I would love to work with you. 

If you are listening to this episode and you or someone you know are navigating through any of the health issues we discuss, I would be more than happy to support you in the journey! Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation: @doctor_lo

I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode! 

We Discuss:

  • {09:19} Dr. Potter’s professional journey and why she focused on helping new moms.
  • {10:01} She shares her pregnancy and postpartum healing journey.  
  • {14:14) After her second child, she put a wellness protocol in place and she felt entirely different. She works through this with her patients. 
  • {15:35} Setting up a postpartum experience
  • {17:00} Struggles and Myths of healing after birth
  • {17:51} What the pelvic floor is and how to heal after a baby
  • {19:03} Hormone changes after birth
  • {22:04} Importance of having a thorough evaluation after having a child
  • {24:14} Mistakes moms make with their health after birth
  • {27:37} Practical steps for new moms
  • {29:03} Second Sibling Syndrome
  • {30:40} They share their breastfeeding experiences solutions to problems they faced. 
  • {32:01} Breastfeeding may not be easy! Focus on nourishment and reach out for help.
  • {35:48} Postpartum is not six weeks.  It is the rest of your life. 
  • {37:54} This journey of matrescence is the most unique journey of your life.  
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

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Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food By Catherine Shanahan


About The Guest: 

Dr. Potter is a leading holistic doctor supporting mothers after birth. After the birth of her first baby, she came face-to-face with the hardships mothers frequently experience after giving birth. She was amazed at how much pressure is put on mothers and how little support is given for whole-body wellness in this very unique time in a woman’s life. From there she developed her Postpartum Wellness Protocol that she uses with mothers nationally.

Dr. Potter has been interviewed for Healthline.com for postpartum-specific articles. She is a nutritionist as well as a doctor. Her office is located in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her husband and two toddlers.

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