Acupuncture for Fertility + Pregnancy with Maring Higa L.Ac | Dr. Lo Show

What we’re covering in this episode:

  • Dr. Lo’s journey with acupuncture
  • Maring’s journey to becoming an acupuncturist
  • Why every customer is treated differently even if they come in with the same type of pain
  • The patient process for fertility + pregnancy
  • The different Yen exercises
  • Yen foods = seaweed, lychee, bone broth
  • What to do during the yon phase
  • How the treatments shift based on your trimesters during pregnancy
  • During 12-14 weeks there’s a major focus on spleen/stomach area
  • During the second trimester, the fire element takes over – we’re more energized and feeling good
  • During the third trimester, the major focus is the liver/gallbladder area
  • Patients who take a major part in their healing usually see more miraculous results than those who don’t
  • How EFT and acupuncture are paired together
  • How acupuncture can be helpful for breech babies

Resources Mentioned: 
Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility boosting program for women + couples


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Balanced Bites – free bone broth with your order with code DRLO

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