Ten Months Pregnant: Zion’s Birth Story | Dr. Lo Show

What’s Inside this Episode: 

  • Why we decided to have a home birth with our first son
  • How our birth plan didn’t exactly go as planned
  • How we were induced at 42 weeks!
  • Our 5-day pre-labor experience
  • Our experience with Cervidil and why our experience was unlike any other
  • All the other different induction methods we tried at the hospital (Cytotec, Pitocin, etc.)
  • How we used our hypnobirthing techniques to ease the pains during active labor
  • Why we hired a doula and decided we didn’t actually need her when it actually came down to labor until the very end
  • What occurred during our 24 hours of active labor
  • The pros and cons of getting an epidural
  • How we endured 5 solid hours of pushing
  • Why I decided for my mom to be in the room during labor
  • Our unexpected scare with Zion upon his arrival
  • What helped me feel more at home at the hospital
  • Why it’s important to be flexible during labor
  • My biggest aha moment from the entire process


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