Francesca Medina, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Francesca Medina

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have been to doctors and given Band-Aid treatments. Sometimes their prescriptions worked without a hitch! Other times those treatments came with another set of side effects that needed fixing. And often, we were treated as a list of symptoms, rather than individual people. It was because of these reasons and more I was drawn to Naturopathic Medicine.

Hello, there! I am Dr. Francesca Medina! I was drawn to the personalized care naturopathic medicine offered and its integrative approach to treatment. Each person is seen as a whole rather than a list of ailments. My goal, as I work with patients, is to make sure each body system is considered and that each patient walks away with better clarity of what is going on in his or her body.

I have come to love working with women who are struggling with hormonal issues and those with gut and skin concerns. I find it a joy and an honor to work with patients and watch their health improve.

When I am not in the clinic, you can often find me wandering local nurseries looking for a new tropical plant or succulent to add my collection, cooking my favorite recipes, or relaxing in a warm bath. As we work together, you will find I make self-care a significant factor in improving health. In this busy world, it is important to make time for the people and activities we love, since our physical health is deeply entwined in our mental and emotional well-being.

I very much look forward to supporting our community in building healthier lifestyles.

I cannot wait to meet you!

In love and health,

Dr. Francesca Medina