Become a Healthy Home Expert with Caroline Blazovsky | Dr. Lo Show

Inside this episode: 

  • How mold actually affects us
  • How we can prevent mold from forming in our homes
  • The importance of controlling the moisture content in your home
  • How to figure out how much moisture is in your home at any given time
  • Why using a dehumidifier is key in more humid environments
  • How to order your own healthy home kit
  • Why you shouldn’t wear your shoes inside
  • How to sanitize your animal’s paws for a healthier home
  • The down-low on RoundUp and its effects
  • Why residential homeowners should steer clear of Roundup
  • Caroline’s natural weed killer remedy
  • Why you should be frequently testing your home for mold and other issues
  • How indoor air quality is more toxic than the outdoors a lot of the time
  • How often you should change your air filter
  • How often we should be vacuuming our home
  • What type of laundry detergent we should be using
  • The temperature our washing machines should be to effectively clean our clothes
  • Why it’s important to do a rinse cycle in your washer after cleaning baby clothes
  • How to limit your EMF exposure from at-home WiFi
  • The importance of testing your water for toxins
  • The best water filter for at-home use

Resources Mentioned: 


Examine Air – Grab your allergen & mold home test kit

Golden Eggs Fertility – my 6-week fertility-boosting program for women + couples

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Caroline’s Bio: 
Caroline Blazovsky is nationally recognized as America’s Healthy Home Expert ®. She is an environmental consultant, home investigator and media personality promoting healthier homes throughout the U.S. She has been featured in AARP, Shape, SiriusXM, House Smarts TV, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Reader’s Digest and hundreds of podcasts, radio and print interviews. Her job is to test and evaluate homes for toxins and help physicians to improve wellness by removing contaminants from the home. With more than 19 years of experience, she is a council-certified Mold Remediator (CMR), and Indoor Environmentalist Investigator (CIE) with graduate Sustainable Design education from Boston Architectural College. She is also credentialed through the National Environmental Health Association as a Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS). Caroline is a board member of various national indoor air quality associations as well as a founding member and scientific contributor to the national IAQA Public Education Committee. She resides as President of My Healthy Home®, a company specializing in indoor air quality products, consultations and services.
Improve wellness & consult with her on testing for contaminants in the home, reducing allergens & chemicals, improving indoor air and water quality, mold and using environmentally-friendly building materials and products. Learn more at ,