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Welcome to another episode of the Dr. Lo Radio Show! I really enjoyed recording this episode, and I think you will enjoy it as well. 

Today I am chatting with Dr. Mitchell Kershner, all about working from home in a healthy way! We discuss blue light exposure and the effects it can have on our eyes, skin, and sleep patterns.  We also talk about Ergonomics and the proper use of the screen, keyboard, and monitor placement. Dr. Kershner shares about his upcoming book, Working from Home – Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer that is launching very soon.  It is full of practical types for creating a healthy working environment at home.   In these current times with more people working from home than ever, his book is a must-read. 

If you experience symptoms like headaches, wrist pain, back and neck problems, or even sleep issues, you may be dealing with an unhealthy work environment.  

If you are working from home, this is a must-listen for you!  You can make some small changes that have a big impact on your health. 

If you are listening to this episode and you or someone you know are navigating through any of the health issues we discuss, I would be more than happy to support you in the journey! Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation: @doctor_lo

I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode! 

We Discuss:

  • {06:24} Dr. Kershner’s professional journey and why he decided to write about it
  • {10:30} What a vitalistic Naturopathic Doctor is and does
  • {11:24) The simplest, most natural, noninvasive therapies do the most magic.
  • {11:40} 6 principles of Naturopathic Medicine
  • {17:21} What is Ergonomics 
  • {19:24} Proper use of the screen, keyboard, and monitor placement
  • {20:51} Using the 20-20-20 rule
  • {22:40} Tips and techniques for preventing computer-related injuries
  • {29:01} Impact of blue light exposure to eyes, skin, and sleep cycle
  • {33:11} EMFs – what it is, effects, steps to limit exposure
  • {35:51} Creating a healthy workspace in an office
  • {39:24} Our bodies talk through symptoms.
  • {40:51} Importance of movement
  • {52:01} It’s all about your perspective!
  • And so much more! 

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Kershner’s Website

Dr. Kershner’s New Book: Working from Home – Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer

Triad For Health Zoominar

About The Guest: 

Dr. Mitchell Kershner, a Naturopathic Physician, has been in the health field since 1987.

He started his studies in the field of nutrition.

Mitchell received a doctorate degree from the Naturopathic College in Portland Oregon in 1996. Dr. Kershner was in private practice in Northern New Mexico for 10 years. During that time was also an adjunct faculty member in the science and nursing department at New Mexico University.

In July 2013 started a business: Healthy Chef Doctor LLC, which is dedicated to Holistic Health and Wellness Education via guest lecturing – nutrition/food/lifestyle education and author.

Conducted Lunch & Learns for over 2 years to companies and groups throughout South Florida.

Presently completed and working on books i.e. including: “Working from Home – Mastering the Art of Sitting at Your Computer”, “Sugar is Not the Enemy – Sugar does not cause obesity or diabetes.” Presently working on “Who’s Your Boss” – Practical Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in modern-day life.

After being introduced to Neora™, a biotech botanical-based line of anti-aging skincare and internal wellness supplement products. In the Spring of 2016, he joined as a Brand Partner and is sharing the philosophy and products while creating a global business.

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