6 Tips for a Happy Healthy Halloween!

Halloween is rapidly approaching and the store shelves are brimming with treats ready to fill the bags of little ghouls and goblins. Unfortunately, most of those treats contain chemicals, colors, and sweeteners (like High Fructose Corn Syrup) that will scare the pants off of most parents and can cause detrimental health effects. For those parents who value healthy living and healthy families, this time of year can be taxing. Halloween seems to kick off the deluge of indulgence that lasts through the New Year. How do you limit the immune suppressing sugar consumption that characterizes Halloween? How do you keep the holiday fun and festive? Especially while supporting healthy habits and avoiding food allergens? Here are a few ideas to please kids and adults alike. No tricks here.

Trick or Treating:

While we are in an era where handing out homemade Halloween treats is considered suspect, you still have options to support the health of your entire neighborhood.

  1. Think outside the wrapper. Treats don’t have to be edible. Consider tossing crayons, stickers, or dollar store toys into your neighborhood gang’s bags.

  2. Tasty and healthy. Emergen-C packets are a tasty, fizzy treat that may come in handy as cold and flu season rapidly approaches.

  3. Healthier alternatives. Still want the sweet treat? Try fruit leathers that use only a few quality ingredients. Stores like Whole Foods carry healthier alternatives to traditional treats like Yummy Earth Gummy Bears that use organic ingredients, avoid top food allergens, and avoid artificial colors and flavors. Be sure to read the ingredients to make informed decisions.