Oh, Anxiety!

Anxiety - Shine Natural MedicineAnxiety is that one person who overstays their welcome.  Sometimes anxiety can be a good thing as it is a normal and healthy emotion that signals to our brain and body that something may be amiss.  This allows for appropriate action and increased awareness to take place.  However, when that feeling is consistent and overwhelming, it can disrupt one’s life so much so that regular activities are difficult,

February is Heart Health Month!

Oh, the heart! The most vital organ for survival isHearth Healthy Month - Shine Natural Medicine a part of the cardiovascular system. Its main function is to make sure oxygen is in continuous circulation for all the cells to use. The heart affects every part of the body! Diet, lifestyle, and overall well-being make a huge impact on cardiovascular health. No wonder an entire month is dedicated to the heart! (Hello, February Heart Month!)

Do I get the flu shot?

We’ve been getting this question a lot so we wanted to address it head on. 1) We don’t recommend that you get the flu shot. While we at Shine are not opposed to certain vaccines, we do not recommend the flu shot because of the toxins added and the lack of efficacy. Vaccines are tools, like any other medical treatment, and we choose not to recommend this tool. This is especially true if you’re pregnant. We do not recommend the flu shot for pregnant women.

Prolotherapy, Treatment and Benefits

Prolotherapy is a Regenerative Injection Technique (RIT) that helps to stimulate repair of damaged or weakened joints, ligaments, and tendons. This non-surgical treatment leads to long-lasting joint strength, increase in joint function, and elimination of pain by stimulating the body’s own cells to replace and repair degenerated tissue.

Stress-Free Holiday Tips

How to really make it the most wonderful time of the year

The holiday season can be a hard pill to swallow if you’re stressing about what you’re swallowing, family obligations, and financial forays. It’s easy to get caught up in commercial chaos and forget to enjoy the reason for the season-whatever that