Signs of a leaky gut and our top 3 tips to beat them!

The gut is the organ system that influences all Beating a leaky gut - Shine Natural Medicineparts of the body and health. It is important to keep it healthy and happy to maintain proper balance.

Signs of a leaky gut:

1. Digestive disturbances: gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn. Yes, it sounds like a commercial for the pink-liquid over-the-counter drug. But these are tell-tale signs of an unhealthy gut, especially when they occur on a regular basis.

2. Skin changes or irritation. The intestines is the body’s largest internal organ and the skin is the largest organ overall. Together they help the body detox and eliminate toxins from the body. When you have a leaky gut, symptoms on the skin, especially in the form of rashes may appear.

3. Food intolerances. Does a scoop of ice cream have you sitting uncomfortably or running to the bathroom? Will a handful of peanuts make you feel bloated that you end up looking like you could give birth any second? Have you noticed those oats on your morning acai bowl causing brain fog or difficulty concentrating? If you said yes or related to any of those questions, you may be experiencing food intolerances developed over time because of leaky gut.

4. Increased sugar and carb cravings. An imbalance of certain gut bacteria can have you craving sugar. This high intake of sugar can consequently cause and increase in inflammation and further exacerbate symptoms.

Here are our TOP 3 Tips to combat the above signs and keep your gut healthy:

1. Maintain a varied and balance diet! Prebiotics are found mainly in fruits and vegetables and serve as food for probiotics in the gut. A varied diet allows for a more diverse gut bacteria environment.

2. Eat mindfully. So often, we end up eating lunch at our desk, watching TV during dinner, or having heated discussions across the table. These and more do not allow for the “Rest and Digest” part of the nervous system to kick in, making it more difficult to digest food. Eating mindfully and chewing thoroughly will ensure better digestion with minimal symptoms.

3. Get tested! There are number reasons why leaky gut can occur and there are many ways to test for them. In Shine, we have blood tests that test for leaky gut markers, food sensitivities, micronutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances and more! We also offer specialized take-home tests to test bacteria and other microbes in the stool or breath tests to check for certain bacteria that can contribute to bloating and heartburn.

Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors to receive a customized plan to help you and your gut feel even better!