Lifestyle Habits to Keeping Young

**This blog post is a continuation of our July newsletter on aging gracefully which includes 6 more tips on the lifestyle habits that keep you young!

Spend time in the great outdoors. Being in nature (walking through the park, on the beach – and better yet bare feet in the grass or sand) can encourage people to become more physically, socially and spiritually active, improving quality of life and thusly provide a reversal in the aging process. But don’t forget your sunscreen! 

Feel younger. If you believe it, you’ll act, and your body will show and thank you for it later. Saying your old is just a state of mind, not an actual number.

Avoid alcohol…in moderation. Alcohol consumption generally should be avoided as it stresses our organs, ages our skin and our bodies. However, in moderation, red wine may be okay. Red wine has resveratrol in it, a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent aging and oxidative damage. Enjoy a glass of red wine every now and again with good company.

Do what you love. Hang out with friends, go to the movies, go on a hike. Make the time to do things you really enjoy. 

Exercise your brain. Challenge your mind. Think outside the box. Do word puzzles and other cognitive puzzles to keep your brain sharp. This can increase the neuroplasticity and effectively strengthens the myelin sheath and increases the connectivity and firing of neurons in the brain. 

Don’t worry about it. Stress can cause us to age faster. Let things go. Look at the bright side, smile and keep things in perspective. If you feel stressed find the practices that help you release that stress. 

These are just some activities in life that can prevent aging and keep us young. Though there are many topical products you may use to prevent wrinkles, the most important regimen you may want to employ is to do what you love, take care of yourself and just shine. 

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