Plastic – Why It’s Not Good For Us, Part One

Plastic has been helpful by adding functionality to our modern lives (cars, polyester, medical supplies!), but certainly not for our health. Plastic molecules enter our bodies daily, most commonly through the food and water we drink, and they disrupt our endocrine system and affect our reproductive organs. This happens because plastics are a type of xenoestrogen, so they are estrogen-like molecules, that aren’t estrogen, but can act like estrogen and dock with estrogen receptors.

So it’s like we are getting more estrogen just by being exposed to plastic!! The main way we get exposed is when we heat the plastic up, whether that’s putting hot food into a plastic container, drinking out of a coffee cup, or having our water bottle heat up in the car… or probably the worst of all, microwaving food in plastic.

In order to decrease this xenoestrogen affect, you need to get a better water bottle and/or food containers which are made out of glass or stainless steel, and not expose the plastic in your life, which you can’t replace, to heat. Just doing this small step will make a big affect on your health!
Look next week for Part Two!!