Social Connection and Your Health

Looking for summer fun that will also benefit your health? It may be as simple as spending quality time with your loved ones. We all know that having a good laugh with a dear friend feels good, but it turns out that the sense of support we get from interacting with our social networks also has many wide-ranging health benefits, including:

The Benefits of Play: Get Out There!

Do you remember when life was an adventure? When we couldn’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and begin exploring? Everything was exciting, and play was at the center of our lives! Until we “grew up” that is, and play was considered more of a luxury, replaced by productivity, making a living and all of the pressure that comes along with adulthood.

Is A Healthy Diet Enough?

Every bite you take affects your health – by either feeding health or feeding disease. It seems simple.

Eating a variety of whole foods provides the nutrients your body needs to function, while frequent fast food frenzies provide little nutrition and can even strip your body of nutrient stores in an attempt to process those “food like substances.”