Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season/


In addition to all the great products we talked about in our September newsletter, there are so many things you can do to minimize holiday blues and keep you and your family health! 1) Wash your hands. Wash your hands immediately upon arriving home. This keeps the germs OUTSIDE and not inside… Read More


Beat Your Sugar Cravings


Sugar cravings and addiction are something many people struggle with. Addiction to sugar often begins at a very young age due to the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed foods. It’s no surprise sugar stimulates the pleasure/reward centers with the release of dopamine… Read More


The Benefits of Play: Get Out There!

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Do you remember when life was an adventure? When we couldn’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and begin exploring?
Everything was exciting, and play was at the center of our lives!
Until we “grew up” that is, and play was considered more of a luxury, replaced by productivity… Read More


Social Connection and Your Health


Looking for summer fun that will also benefit your health? It may be as simple as spending quality time with your loved ones. We all know that having a good laugh with a dear friend feels good, but it turns out that the sense of support we get from interacting with our social networks also has many wide-ranging health benefits… Read More


Managing Blood Sugar During the Holidays


Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or just suffer from the occasional “hangry,” the holidays can wreak havoc on your blood sugar. This means worsening weight gain, sickly skin, and an inflammatory exacerbation of whatever chronic disease you might be fostering… Read More


Essential Oils 101


At Shine, essentials oils are part of our daily routine. They keep us calm, rejuvenated, and shining! In other words, they are… essential!… Read More


6 tips to have more energy NOW

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Do you wake up in the morning alert, energized and ready to dominate your day? If so, does that energy last or do you find yourself crashing at some point? As we age, most of us find that our energy levels decrease. We are so busy working, running around and trying… Read More


What’s Your Gut Telling You?
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We’ve all had a “gut” feeling. Whether you rely on this feeling to make daily decisions or the extent of your “gut” feeling involves butterflies or nervous nausea, it is a very real phenomenon with interesting implications for health and healing… Read More


Is A Healthy Diet Enough?

Every bite you take affects your health – by either feeding health or feeding disease. It seems simple. Eating a variety of whole foods provides the nutrients your body needs to function, while frequent fast food frenzies provide little nutrition and can even strip your body ofs… Read More


Smart People Detox the RIGHT WAY
Detox rightway

• Are you aggravated by your acne? • How about flabbergasted by your fatigue? • Do you walk into a room and forget why? If you have any of these symptoms, or any symptoms at all really, you probably carry a fairly heavy toxic burden. In modern society we all carry this burden. Everything we eat, drink, breathe, touch and slather on our skin can carry toxic chemicals… Read More


Stress-Free Holiday tips: How to really make it the most wonderful time of the year

The holiday season can be a hard pill to swallow if you’re stressing about what you’re swallowing, family obligations, and financial forays. It’s easy to get caught up in commercial chaos and forget to enjoy the reason for the season-whatever that reason is for you… Read More


Come Having a great Gluten-Free Thanksgiving!


The holiday season is in full swing and a large part of that holiday joy is sharing meals with loved ones. For those of us creating the healthiest life possible, the holidays can take a little negotiating to make sure family, food, and finances don’t cause undo stress. I’m not the expert on family matters or finances, but when it comes to food, here… Read More


Prevent the Common Cold and Flu this Season with Natural Remedies


As the weather gets cooler and the days shorter, we start to wonder when the dreaded diseases of the season will descend upon us. The key to staying healthy well beyond flip-flop season is managing your susceptibility and boosting your immune system… Read More


6 Tips for a Happy Healthy Halloween!


Halloween is rapidly approaching and the store shelves are brimming with treats ready to fill the bags of little ghouls and goblins. Unfortunately, most of those treats contain chemicals, colors, and sweeteners (like High Fructose Corn Syrup) that will scare the pants off of most parents and can cause detrimental health effects. For those parents who value healthy living and healthy families, this time of year can be taxing. Halloween seems to kick off the deluge of indulgence that lasts through the New Year. How do you limit the immune suppressing sugar consumption that characterizes Halloween?… Read More




I’m here today to talk to you about taurine, a nutrient I recently read a bunch about and am now OBSESSED with it. I HAVE to share this information with you. If you want to keep your heart healthy, have a history of head trauma and/or concussions and haven’t been the same since, are experiencing some anxiety OR are concerned about the health of your nervous system — this nutrient is for you! Taurine is an amino acid-like compound that is made in your body from cysteine, (most commonly known as the sulfur containing amino acid… Read More




First, walking helps to lower stress hormones, like cortisol. Walking helps to increase your parasympathetic nervous system response – which is that part of your nervous system responsible for “rest and digest and relax” mode. We can’t heal or repair our bodies without being in this state. So if you’re trying to get your health back on track or are healing from a serious illness, you NEED some “parasympathetic” in your life, and walking is a great way to induce that. … Read More


Plastic – Why It’s Not Good For Us, Part One


Plastic has been helpful by adding functionality to our modern lives (cars, polyester, medical supplies!), but certainly not for our health. Plastic molecules enter our bodies daily, most commonly through the food and water we drink, and they disrupt our endocrine system and affect our reproductive organs… Read More